Gallowglass Book Cover Gallowglass
Gallowglass #1
Jennifer Allis Provost
Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy
Bellatrix Press
June 6, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Karina (Rina) Siobhan Stewart and her brother Chris are going through a tough time. Karina found out that the man she loved and thought loved her was just using her and Chris’ ex-fiance Olivia accused him of plagiarism. Chris was a professor and a writer and now with her accusations he is on administrative leave and his new book is in limbo waiting on the outcome of the lawsuit his ex filed.

When Karina receives a letter from the Spiritual Research Organization in the UK to go to Scotland on a grant to continue her studies, all expenses paid and the ability to take along a companion she jumps at the chance. She and Chris can now remove themselves somewhat from what is happening at home and have an adventure. Unfortunately an adventure to Karina is torture to Chris who is drinking himself through Scotland.

Karina believes in the supernatural while Chris thinks she is crazy but a visit to the place where it is believed that Reverend Robert Kirk is kept prisoner in a tree by the Seelie Court life for Karina will take an unexpected turn. Karina has no idea how it happened but for some reason she is able to release Robert from his prison putting him in her charge.

Robert spurned the advances from the Seelie Queen and for that offense she made him pay. He became her Gallowglass cursed to be her assassin. He has been at her mercy for over three hundred years until Karina freed him. Karina can’t allow Robert to go out on his own since this is an entirely new world to him, cars, planes, cell phones and much more for him to adapt to. He also needs to hide from the fairies that the queen will send after him since she is not one to give up easily.

When Karina finds out that there is an ointment that will allow her to see the monsters that reside next to humans she insists on using it in spite of Robert’s insistance that what she sees she will never be able to unsee. Robert was right and after seeing her first supernatural beast she refused to leave the cottage they are staying in for days. Robert finally gets her to leave the cottage because the reality is that she will always see these beasts since there is no undoing the ointment, it is forever.

Chris becomes involved with a woman Sorcha while Karina and Robert begin to fall in love. The queen keeps sending fairies after him but eventually something will have to give, they will either have to face the queen or Robert will have to return to Elphame the Fairy Realm. Is Chris in trouble? Who is Sorcha? Why did Karina receive a grant from an organization she never heard of? What chance is there for a prior reverend and assassin and an ordinary human?

I loved this book and Robert and Karina. There are secrets and surprises and an ending that did not leave me wondering “what happened”. Can’t wait for more in this series.


**2017 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner**