Genesis Book Cover Genesis
Neuralian Chronicles The Siede Book 2
Brandon J. Hall
Urban Fantasy
Solstice Publishing - Solstice Shadows Imprint
March 13, 2018

Mieko Siede thought for much of his life that his dreams were nothing more than the haunting imaginings of his mind. Dreams that translated into stories he’d come to publish as the author of a comic book of rising cult following. As his stories grew in popularity, so did the attention that was drawn to him personally. Soon, he will come to learn that his dreams were his reality calling to him with vast knowledge of the universe and its truth hiding within the memories of his blood. What’s more, he is the vessel that carries the Hope of the universe. The entity that dark forces sought to destroy long ago, before he was born.

Those very forces that tried to prevent his birth continue to seek his destruction using the puppets they’ve come to control in humanity. Mieko’s world will abruptly change when three men seek him out, offering to help him connect with the truth of his identity. His nightmarish dreams become more frequent as he is under attack whether he is asleep or conscious. The journey begins when he is thrust into the world behind the curtain of its veil. It becomes a fight for his life as he is forced to rise to his destiny to become the warrior the world needs to uphold the veil and raise the universal consciousness to keep us from darkness. Will Mieko rise as he learns his legacy, to become the bringer of light? Or will he succumb to his inner demons to become the universes ultimate undoing?

Reviewed by:   Douglas C. Meeks

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

As most reviewers will tell you, writing a good review for a exceptional book or a really horrible one is easy in comparison to writing a review for one of those middle of the road stories.  That is where this one falls.

This is basically a continuing story of a battle between good and evil but the author almost lost me with 50ish pages is dry textbook mythology that was gleaned from taking the writings of faith from several religions and then taking creative license with them.  Just so you understand, there is less than a good paragraph of dialog in those first 50 pages and to be honest a LOT of the book is written with the author telling you stuff rather than the characters.

OK, now the part that keeps it from being a bad book, after I struggled with those 50 pages it started getting into the meat of the story and the “Savior of the Universe” type plot was done fairly well but again what this book needed more than anything in my opinion was a really good editor to cut down the size and tighten up the writing.

The voyage of Mieko is really a great story but is given to us in such a verbose telling of the story makes it lose much of its allure.  So sadly, I am giving it 3 1/2 Stars for what would be a higher rating if better written.