Geoffrey the Very Strange Book Cover Geoffrey the Very Strange
Angel Martinez
LGBT, Gay Fantasy Romance
Mischief Corner Books, LLC; 1st edition
March 18, 2021

An outcast necromancer and a half-demon clerk need to save the world from seashell zombies. No pressure.

Everyone's always told Aspic that trouble can't help following him because of his heritage. Determined to put the lie to half-demon stereotypes, he's finally landed a good, quiet job as an herbalist's clerk where the owner trusts him to man the shop alone. What could go wrong selling coriander and thyme?

When Geoffrey first enters the shop, Aspic finds the little man's eccentric appearance startling, then intriguing. Geoffrey explains, in stops and starts, that he is a theoretical necromancer researching replacements for blood magic. His current line of inquiry involves seashells—do they have any in stock? Aspic's co-workers warn him that Geoffrey is a walking disaster, but he finds himself more and more drawn to a necromancer concerned with ethical death magic.

Aspic is with Geoffrey in his lab when he has his first success, but the results aren't at all what he was aiming for. Instead of raising the dead rabbit on his table, the ritual animates the seashell and rock spell components, which flee the lab and cause havoc. They soon discover that the spell-animated objects are "zombies" in that they can "infect" other inanimate things.

An unorthodox necromancer and an exasperated shop clerk are going to need some unconventional help to find a working de-animation spell before the world is overrun by zombie seashells and stones gone mad.

Geoffrey the Very Strange is part of the Magic Emporium series. Each book stands alone, but each one features an appearance by Marden’s Magic Emporium, a shop that can appear anywhere, but only once and only when someone’s in dire need.

This book contains theoretical necromancy, unexpected spell outcomes, some extraordinarily angry seashells, and a guaranteed HEA.

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Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Angel Martinez always delivers when it comes to world building. From word one; the reader is drawn into the story and into the lives of amazingly endearing and complex characters. This book, part of the Magic Emporium world, is no exception. Aspic is a part demon, with pink hair. Geoffrey is very strange, but he is also an aspiring necromancer. The demon and the necromancer combination could be dark and one dimensional, but this is Angel Martinez so of course they are SO much more. Aspic has a huge heart and his need to find a place to belong is so relatable. And Geoffrey. Strange and wonderful Geoffrey. His motivations and determination are so admirable, but it is his nervous habit of using the wrong words that makes you fall for him.

There is a level of sweetness to this story that is surprising, with moments of humor sprinkled in as well, which made this book even better for me. Overall this book is a great escape and such a fantastic addition to the Magic Emporium