A Ghost of a Chance Book Cover A Ghost of a Chance
The Poppy Jones Chronicles Book 1
Gina Kay
Paranormal Romance
Passion In Print Press
May 20, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Poppy Jones is a Preternatural Investigator who has lived the last eleven months filled with hate and revenge. Poppy, her finance Jackson and Lucas DeReymer a vampire were in a three way relationship and each one loved the other until Jackson was killed by a vamire named Callixtus. Now all she wants is to kill Callixtus. Although she still loves Lucas she blames him for Jackson’s death and refuses to be with him in a loving relationship.

Jackson was the love of Poppy’s life and now he stays with her but as a ghost, a ghost she cannot touch or feel but yet his presence in any form makes her happy. Jackson wants her to forgive Lucas and be with him since he loves them both and wants them to be happy but all she wants is revenge, it is the only thing keeping her alive.

There is hope for her when she goes on a blind date set up by her mother and meets Craig Bransen a journalist, for the first time she finds herself enjoying being with someone and agrees to continue seeing him. She does not love him or expect to love him but she is happy to have someone who can hold her and love her.

Things become more complicated for Poppy, it that is even possible when she is approached by a vampire named Frankie. Frankie was with a human girl when she was kidnapped by men who came out of nowhere. Frankie knows he will be blamed for her disappearance and he is right but Lucas accepts Poppy’s opinion that he is innocent and she becomes his babysitter. Until the real kidnapper is found it is Poppy’s job to keep Frankie out of trouble.

The missing girl is the daughter of the head of the anti-vampire league and it is essential that it be proved a vampire was not responsible. Poppy enlists the help of two fairies who can go where others can’t due to their size and the fact that they can fly. Poppy stops at nothing to get information on the missing girl and stops at nothing to get to Callixtus so she can kill him.

Poppy is a very unique character and is willing to do anything and everything she has to to bring Jackson’s killer to justice, by her hand. She impulsively makes deals with vampires and fairies without considering the consequences. This was a very interesting book filled with secrets, lies, sex and violence. There is M/M sex as well as heterosexual sex and there are some very likeable characters such as Frankie who is always horny but also very devoted and loving. I look forward to more adventures with Poppy.