Ghost Trapped Book Cover Ghost Trapped
Valley Ghosts Book 2
BL Maxwell
M/M Paranormal Romance/Ghosts
September 27, 2019

Wade and Jason are back. They’re settling into their new relationship, from friends to lovers, and trying to navigate the paranormal business they now find themselves in. And Jimbo has joined the team too.
It seems Sacramento has a wealth of restless spirits needing a nudge to move on their way. Taking a job in Old Sacramento, they soon realize there’s a more than average haunting at The Hitching Post restaurant. Built over the old tunnels and hidden under many of the businesses, they find a world of spirits that have been forgotten. Until now.
Jason is excited to take on one of their first big jobs as an official paranormal research group. Running Scared Paranormal is open for business, but this case is different than anything they’ve encountered before. He reaches out for help from someone connected to the spirit realm who has first-hand knowledge on what it’ll take to ensure their safety and complete the job, but will it be enough?
Wade is thrust into a world he’s tried to stay on the edges of. He’s been to haunted houses with Jason in the past, but he doesn’t consider himself an expert. His newfound abilities will be tested in ways he never imagined, and only he knows how much he can handle, both physically and mentally. After being injured, he once again faces the fact that the spirits he’s always feared have the ability to hurt them. In this situation, the person who can help the most, may not be a person at all.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

I want to begin this review by stating that I did not read book one in this series, but that did not in any way effect my enjoyment of this one. The author did a great job of bringing me up to date and the story flowed easily.

After their last adventure, Wade and Jason have decided to go into the ghost hunting business and have finally gone from friend to lover. Now they are on a new adventure that promises to be much harder and more dangerous than the previous one. They are hired by a new client Dean Peterson, the owner of a new restaurant called The Hitching Post, to get rid of the spirits that seem to be residing in the basement. Dean thought nothing of it at first until one of his employees became trapped down there now, he has no doubt something dangerous and threatening is in the basement.

Jason and Wade have decided to start their own company and call it Running Scared Paranormal Research, the Running Scared part came from something that happened on their last job. Now with help from Jimbo, the newest member of the team they enter the basement and know immediately that there are many, many spirits trapped down there, spirits who are being held there by something evil and powerful. It will take all their talent and knowledge to defeat the spirit. Wade is an empath whose abilities have grown stronger, Jimbo is a ghost magnet, who if he isn’t careful can attract more spirits than they can handle, and they need Jimbo’s sister Janis’ help. Janis is a psychic who is the one capable of teaching them how to protect themselves.

The spirit they are after is also after somebody and it is Wade, it wants to take over his body and enter their world. Unfortunately, they make one mistake after another before they realize they must take Janis’ advice very seriously. This will be a battle between good and evil and put all their knowledge and abilities to the test. The one good thing about this job is that Jimbo is reunited with Dean, a man he once had a relationship with but was too afraid to pursue so he ran, he is not running again.

What happens with the spirit, who he is and what caused him to have so much evil and hatred is all revealed and was a surprise. If ghost stories are your thing, then this is the book for you.