Ghost Witching Book Cover Ghost Witching
A Maggie York Paranormal Mystery Book 2
Ally Shields
Paranormal Mystery
Etopia Press
October 19, 2016

Seeing ghosts should make solving homicides easy, right? Not even close.

When detectives Maggie York and Josh Brandt catch a new murder investigation involving occult rituals, ghosts, and venomous snakes, it seems like a case that could only happen in New Orleans. Not only does the victim's ghost demand Maggie's attention, but three apparitions begin appearing to her...sending the detectives on a search for more bodies. They soon discover the ghostly trio has links to the Witching Hour Society, an organization of self-declared witches with far more going on behind the scenes. Meanwhile, a neighbor believes the victim killed his family with a curse, and the media eagerly sensationalizes the entire story.

Making things worse, Maggie and Josh have hit a rough spot in their personal relationship. The tension between them is already high when Josh's ex-fiancée arrives in town...and wants him back.

Soon the violence is escalating, the ghosts grow more aggressive, and the deeper Maggie and Josh dig, the stranger things get. Welcome to murder New Orleans' style.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Maggie York is a New Orleans Homicide Detective who is still trying to come to terms with her ability to see ghosts. She participates in a coven led by her cousins who are trying to get her to be able to maintain control over her ghostly visits. Maggie’s relationship with her boyfriend and partner Homicide Detective Joshua Brandt has hit a rough spot and she has returned to her own apartment. Maggie can’t seem to separate their work and personal relationship. Josh did what any partner would do when he partner was in trouble he stepped in and risked his own life. Maggie can’t face the fact that Josh could die trying to save her.

Now Maggie and Josh are on a new case of a woman who apparently was killed by a copper mouth snake. There are no clues but the discovery of a room indicating that the victim was into white magic puts a whole new reason why this crime might have occurred. Did this murder have anything to do with magic? Of course a visit from the victim in ghostly form gives Maggie a place to start.

The investigation takes Maggie and Josh into the world of the Witching Hour Society and their once a year Witching Hour Ball. The victim was a contestant in the competition for Priest and Priestess and the winner would get full membership into the Society. Maggie and Josh now have to find out why this competition could have led to the death of one of the contestants.

Making matters more difficult is the appearance of Josh’s ex-fiancĂ©, someone Maggie knew nothing about, now she realizes that she might have pushed Josh too far.

The Society is not willing to reveal any information to the police and after another murder they go to the head of the Society trying to appeal to her for help. The only thing they can find out is that there has been a shift in the Society, a darkness has entered the world of white magic. While searching for the killer or killers Maggie is also searching for the reason she left Josh. Is there any chance for them now that his ex is back?

Another wonderful mystery filled with ghosts and Satanists. The killer’s identity was not easy to figure out and came as a surprise. Maggie also begins to explore what other abilities she has besides seeing ghosts. My only criticism is that at times the book was slow moving.