Ghosts Book Cover Ghosts
Mary Patterson Thornburg
Unical Press
October 14, 2016)

Last year, when they were still children, they went trick-or-treating. You followed them, in case there was trouble. Next year, when they're teenagers, there could be problems – spiking the punch, necking in the corners, smoking illegal substances in the bathroom… You remember that sort of thing, don't you? Of course you do. So, this year, on a holiday that gets wilder every year, let's keep the fun under control. We'll have a Halloween party. They'll love it.
But what if guests show up who aren't on the guest list?

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team


Anna MacPherson is having a Halloween party for her daughter, Rowan, who is almost thirteen. The party Anna’s husband’s idea since he knew that the kids were getting to the age where they would be doing more grown up things. Unfortunately for Anna, her husband is stuck in Minneapolis during a storm, and she finds herself alone with all the party preparations.

Rowan and her mom have not been getting along very well for a few months maybe that is what normally happens at that age between a mother and daughter I don’t know firsthand since I only had sons. When Anna’s friend Claire offers to come help, Anna is thrilled to have someone help keep the kids under control.

This is a Halloween party that will have a profound effect on Anna and what happens was a surprise to me. This was a short enjoyable story about mothers, daughters and good friends.