Golden Vampire Book Cover Golden Vampire
Blood Knight Chronicles, Book 1
Linda Thomas-Sundstrom
Paranormal, Mystery, Action-Adventure, Romance, Mature
July 12, 2019

The Dark Surrender... is the ultimate embrace of everlasting love that can exist between immortals.

Former cop Jesse Stewart, hired by a foreign government to find a senator's missing daughter, finds much more instead -- a centuries old immortal, and a haunting piece of her past.

Once a famous knight, Lance Van Baaren still adheres to an original quest, and has sworn to protect the innocent. But can he allow Jessie to solve her case when it means discovering the truth of her past, and what connects them?

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Jesse Stewart has suffered unbelievable pain, it began when she was ten years old and witnessed her parents being torn apart by vampires, the same vampires who left her for dead. Jesse thought that an angel saved her, an angel with golden hair but when the LA police arrived the thought of the angel disappeared and she believed the police were her saviors. Unable to get past what she saw and the loss of her parents she spent the next ten years in a psychiatric hospital.

Today Jesse is an ex-cop and the director of an elite missing persons unit and has been hired by a foreign country to find the missing daughter of a United States Senator. With her helicopter pilot Stan she was flying over the countryside when she saw a man running, something about him drew her to follow him and when she looked down at him he whispered her name. She immediately recognizes that this is no man but a monster, a vampire, just like the ones that destroyed her life.

Lance Van Baaren is no ordinary vampire, he is a Guardian who agreed to immortality along with six others, all sworn to keep humans safe and keep the number of bloodsuckers down to a minimum. Jesse was the last human he saved and keeping the vampires under control has gotten to be an impossible task. Having given Jesse his blood when she was dying in an alley there is a blood connection between them making her a hybrid something she is totally unaware of. He knows about the missing girl and where she is and he knows that if Jesse goes after her she more than likely will die. His only hope of keeping her alive is to try to convince her that he is not like the others and wants to help but after what she witnessed as a child trusting him is not a likely scenario.

Lance has never taken blood from a human vein but willingly drank from his donor out of a very special cup. The fact that Jesse has some of his blood running through her makes her a target for any vampire and endangers both her and her pilot Stan. As much as Jesse is drawn to Lance she fights it for all she is worth, how can she be attracted to a monster like those who killed her parents.

Loved this book, can’t wait for more and loved Lance and Jesse. Surprises, no ordinary surprises but ones I never saw coming and would never have guessed. The search for the missing girl the connection between Jesse and Lance and other secrets revealed. I totally recommend this book and I suggest you run not walk to get it.