Good Bones Book Cover Good Bones
The Bones Series Book 1
Kim Fielding
M/M Paranormal Romance
Dreamspinner Press
April 20, 2012

Review by Sharon Simpson

Member of The Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Dylan is a talented architect trying to live an average, normal, albeit lonesome, life.  There are four problems.  One: He has an abnormal secret.  One night of indiscretion with a handsome, alluring stranger ended with him bitten, bleeding and hiding in a pantry.  Now, once per month on the full moon he endures the night, as a werewolf, locked in a self -imposed prison with a reinforced steel door.  Two:  His failsafe plan has had one too many close calls, so, Dylan must abandon his hopes for an urban existence and move to the country where there are decreased chances for him to bring harm to someone else.  Bonus being his wolf can run free on the full moon without the fear lf harming another human being instead of spending the night locked in a cage.  The plan seems perfect.  He finds the perfect place, a dilapidated old house on what was once a Christmas tree farm.  All it needs is his talented touch to rehab and rebuild it into his dream home.  Perfect location, perfect dwelling perfect everything except the new complication, his perfect home has a neighbor.  A very sexy man – Chris, a vulnerable human who also happens to be a handy man, with construction experience.  Three: Andy, the handsome stranger who turned him into a werewolf won’t go away and won’t take no for an answer.  Four: Working closely with Chris on the renovation has led to the one thing he never thought he would have, if he can just figure out how to explain what he is and becomes once a month and make Andy go away.

Chris and Dylan think they are opposites, in this premier book in the Bones series, they discover they are much more alike than they could have ever guessed.  I enjoyed this book for many reasons. The concept of becoming something you never even thought existed is intriguing.  We have all read I woke up as a werewolf stories, but Tia Fielding takes an entirely different and wholly believable approach.  No pack, no hierarchy – so to speak, no instant how to be a werewolf lessons and the change happens once a month whether you want it to or not.  Add to that the normal issues of achieving and navigating adulthood as a gay male.  Then mix in a psychopathic sire and you are in for the adventure of a lifetime.  All without the sexy boy next door and all his issues.  The result is a great read, with multifaceted, well-developed characters and a story line that makes you anxious to read book 2.