The Good Fight Book Cover The Good Fight
The Good Fight Book 1
Andrew Grey
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
September 2, 2012

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Thank you, Andrew, for a good story and a moral for readers to think on, long after we see the end at the close of the story. Jerry is the techy guy, and does all his work from the home he inherited from his grandfather. He has a web business, solving, maintaining and making new programs for companies all over the U.S.

With some prodding from friends, he realizes he can relinquish some of the reins, hire some help just graduating from school, and actually grow his business. It takes some thought, as he decides Grandpa’s old work area can be emptied and made into a workable office. This sounds so uncomplicated right?

Andrew Grey is just getting better with time. The stories that unfold under his pen are charming and sexy and so full of hope, that I get such a good feeling from them. This one, though, has left me angry, and thoughtful and wondering why I am not doing something. Let me explain.

Jerry our techy guy has interviews with hopefuls who wish for a job with his company. Two interviewees are standouts; John and Bryce. They interview well, pass his test, and he decides to hire them both. John is a Native American, a bit older, going to school later in a Native American program.  I did see some readers thought the beginning was slow, but I enjoyed the richness of building such a dual story line. I loved the fact there was the attraction between John and Jerry, but the reader needed to see where this story was headed.

The United States Social Service Department, we all know is not perfect, but I was appalled to realize child kidnapping is an ordinary happening for the people on the reservation, or rez. To explain, John shares with Jerry a bit of Indian American affairs. It seems his sister has recently passed away. In their state, South Dakota, putting children in foster care garners x amount of money, but if it is a Native American child, the money the state gets from the federal government is doubled.  John’s nephew and niece have been taken away from their natural family, and John cannot pass though all the hurdles put before him to get them back. I loved the slow build of Jerry and John, their story, their work environment and their love. Where Jerry Lincoln helps take charge of the legal aspects; John Black Raven takes charge in the bedroom. What a wonderful combination.

I anxiously await hearing more about this subject, as The Good Fight will have another story about this subject matter in another book The Fight Within, a work in progress. I do think we all have in some way seen bigotry, but call me naïve I hate to feel this could happen here in America. Everyone should look into their own hearts and see what they can do; talk to their congressmen.  Thank you again for a wonderful read Andrew…I look forward to more…..