The Good McCoy Lad Book Cover The Good McCoy Lad
The McCoys Book 2
Toni V. Sweeney
Historical Romance
Class Act Books
March 14, 2016

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Toni V Sweeney aka Icy Snow Blackstone does wield a strong romance nom de plume. I usually find Toni in the sci-fi area with her tales of distant stars and planets, but romance is always alive in her books.The first book in the series was about Donal, eldest son of the McCoy boys. We have learned Padraig is the second son of the three brothers, while given the best of everything from their father Quenton, and after whispers became true stories about his womanizing and escapades, was disinherited and sent away. Donal, now Colin have worked very hard to try to separate themselves from their older brother’s terrible reputation.

In this second story The Good McCoy, we follow the life of Colin the baby, Third Son in the McCoy family. Colin also well educated, has been asked by his father to remain with his parents after graduation. Whereas Donal had traveled and then had settled in London before he found himself and a  mistress and then a bride.  Colin did travel after graduation, but only with his father, held back from traveling alone, stopped from living alone. It felt to him his father kept him bridled, yet he didn’t utter a word.

His choice to marry was easy for him, to join his father in business as assistant easier still…Colin had it all. We all are sensing his need, maybe to travel and feed his wanderlust. The story  was entertaining like in all Victorian romances, the etiquette, the coming out parties, the clothes…..Finally,  we will see the Big Brother….Book 3 Padraig will be out soon !!!