Hale and Farewell Book Cover Hale and Farewell
Lethean Trilogy Book 3
G.R. Lyons
Historical Paranormal Romance
June 28, 2014

In the distant future, Hale Rhys prowls the ruined capitol city at night, working with her fellow Freemen to right the wrongs of Marcus Thane's socialist dictatorship. The last of her family -- and very nearly the last of her kind -- Hale struggles with a secret, something that no Lethean has ever endured.

Meanwhile, Nagi Skyler, homeless and starved, wanders into the heart of the Freemen's Underground, and finds himself strangely drawn to Hale -- a Lethean woman who is as beautiful as she is dangerous. As he begins to lose his heart, he learns that Hale intends to end Marcus's reign, a battle that could cost Hale her life.

[New cover and reformatted December 2018]

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

The third book in the series and I don’t know how to begin my review, I could say that this was the best one and I loved the first two, I could say that there was so much edge of the seat suspense, I could say that it is a bleak future after the Great War, a future that is dictatorial with people starving being told what to wear, where to work and a world in chaos, but I will say that this book was awesome. This world is ruled by Marcus Thane but it is Hale and Nagi’s story. This is a world where people are called by their family names and I won’t reveal Hale and Nagi’s given names in this review.

Hale’s parents died because of Marcus and since the age of sixteen she has been living with the Freemen underground learning to fight with a burning desire to one day kill Marcus and get justice and revenge for her parents. She is the last living Lethean since Marcus has had them all killed and the Letheans will die with her, she carries her ancestor’s pocketwatch with all their names, some of which I have read about before.

Nagi lives with his parents and siblings and when their home is invaded by soldiers his father yells for him to run. He is only able to run with three of his sibling but one died and two of them were taken by soldiers. Alone digging in garbage for anything to eat he feels a pull towards a building but when he gets to it all he gets is a knock in the head. Nagi awakens inside the underground headquarters of the Freemen and Hale is able to confirm he is no threat. Nagi finally has a bed, food, clothes and a woman he wants but knows he can never have. Nagi is human and he knows enough about Letheans to know that he could never be Hale’s partner.

Nagi and Hale’s stories are not the only ones we read about and one story is more horrible than the other. The only hope is to kill Marcus and Hale is the only one who can get to him. I am not going to go into detail as to why Hale is the answer to getting to Marcus because I don’t want to inadvertently give anything away. This book was non-stop suspense filled with surprises and some very unsavory acts which I won’t mention. I could not put this book down and can’t recommend this series highly enough.