Harvester of Bones Book Cover Harvester of Bones
SPECTR Series 3, Book 4
Jordan L. Hawk
Novella, 2-Hour LBGT Short Read, Paranormal, Psychic, Romance
Independently Published
October 16, 2020

Federal exorcist John Starkweather is consumed by the search for the truth about his past. A new lead takes him away from New Orleans, to confront the twisted man who experimented on him as a teen.

Left behind yet again, Caleb and Gray throw themselves into the hunt for a murderous demon lurking deep in the swamp. But they can’t shake their growing fear that the more John’s memories return, the further he pulls away from them.

As John digs deeper into the secrets surrounding the Center where he was held captive, the danger around him grows. Because someone wants the truth buried—and they’re willing to kill to keep it that way.

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Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz 

Senior Reviewer for the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

I have been a Jordan Hawk fan since the first Whyborne and Griffin series began many years ago. When she started the SPECTR series I was hooked by its originality of theme and her great writing.

 I must admit I have begun to live for another visit into the lives of Caleb, John and Gray. I am a senior and have experience with  Serials;  movies used to produce for us kids to go to follow on a Saturday afternoon. The best part was coming and the screen would go blank and the announcer would say: “ stay tuned to the next adventure next week” as we groaned in our seats. Jordan is accomplishing this now, using these  little novellas which she is using to taunt me the same way!

If you have never read this series, you must start at the beginning, as exorcists John Starkweather and Caleb meet. As Caleb is inhabited by ‘an other’  they find a way to be three. Now after years, John is learning his past is not what he thought and Starkweather is not even his last name.

For the last few books, we are disappointed that Caleb and Gray have been left behind as John takes on the search for his past and with each installment it gets harder and harder not to throw your kindle across the room when you come to the serials end. Hearing the voice in my head “Tune in next week….”

Jordan Hawk is writing one great story, taking us down to NOLA  and as Caleb and Gray wait for Johns return they hunt and keep peace in the city… eating Demons one at a time. But clearly I am feeling their separation and John’s new mission to find his past.

Jordan, I await the next. Please make it soon!!