Hath No Fury Book Cover Hath No Fury
The Lesson of Three Book 1
Hal Rappaport
Paranormal Magic
Hal Rappaport
April 19, 2012

Immerse yourself in a world of real magic!

Feel the heart wrenching love story and the exciting battle with a demon that awaits you in Hath No Fury!

Learn about real witchcraft and voodoo through the eyes of Mark and Amy as they grow up with it...and learn to use it!

Unlike many other paranormal novels, all the magic or magick in Hath No Fury is all based on real world observations by the author and credible witnesses.

Experience this award winning novel!

Believe the adventure, the love and the magick!

Reviewed by:   Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

The lesson of three, do a good deed and you will get back good plus three, do something bad, and the same applies with opposite consequences.  This is a novel about Magick, and no, I did not misspell it.  The magic I am familiar with is where a rabbit appears out of a hat or a woman is sawed in half. The Magick in this book is different therefore, the different spelling.  I was asked to review this book and I am very happy I was because it would not have occurred to me to read it.

This story revolves around three main characters, Mark, Amy and Sam.  Mark Kaplan never knew his parents and was raised and home schooled by his grandmother.  His grandmother was also a Wiccan who practiced white magic.  She taught Mark the power of Magick and included him in most of their rituals.  Mark’s closest friend in the world was Amy.  They met when they were six years old and were never far from one another.

As Mark and Amy grew older, the friendship turned into something else.  They had a bond with each other and Mark taught her some of his Magick.  It turns out that Amy has strong powers and it is those powers that bring Samael into the picture.  Sam and a demon share the same body. The demon wants Amy’s power, and Sam wants her body, but Mark is an obstacle they have to get rid of.

When Mark is thirteen years old, his grandmother is murdered.  This event changes his and Amy’s life in ways that could never have been anticipated.   Mark is sent into foster care, where the husband doesn’t hesitate to abuse him. He is taken to another state out of the reach of those that love him, leaving him on his own.  Amy’s parents move and get an unlisted phone number making it impossible for Mark to call her.  With Amy’s grief over Mark disappearing, Sam comes to her rescue.  He is a shoulder for her to cry on, and someone she can talk to.  Was Mark’s disappearance part of Sam’s plan to get Amy?  Was everything that happened part of Magick? Can Amy and Mark find each other after so many years?  As young adults will they even care the way they once did?

This was a very interesting book about Magick, Satanism and even voodoo.  It has love, betrayal, murder and good versus evil.  As I stated previously this was not a book I would ordinarily have chosen to read but I loved it and I recommend it to anyone whether into Magick or not.  This is book one and I look forward to reading more.

*Honorable Mention: Best Paranormal Urban Fantasy – PRG 2012 Reviewer’s Choice Awards