Heart of a Dire Wolf Book Cover Heart of a Dire Wolf
Ice Age Shifters, Book 3
Carol Van Natta
Multicultural/Interracial, Paranormal, Romance, Suspense Thriller, Werewolf Shifter
Chavanch Press
August 9, 2018

To stay together, they'll have to escape prison, outsmart wizards, and solve the mystery of a magical sanctuary town.

Skyla Chekal is in trouble. She’s a prisoner in an illegal underground auction house that sells magical creatures. If they learn she's a dire wolf with free magic, they'll hold a special high-roller sale just for her. She needs to keep her head down and escape, but she can’t because she smells someone who stirs her in the way only a true mate can. She can't leave without him.

Siberian tiger shifter Nic Paletin can’t believe he’s found himself in a cage in an auction house run by wizards. As long as he continues to play dumb, he should be able to get out soon. But the intriguing smell of a woman who calls to his tiger has him tied up more than the shackles on his ankles.

As turned on as Skyla is by Nic’s intoxicating presence, she knows they first have to survive long enough to get free. Unfortunately, threats continue to escalate. In their escape, Skyla is sent somewhere else, and Nic has no idea where or what trouble she might be in. He must find her before the wizards do, plus figure out how to work together if they’re going to crack the secrets of a mysterious new-old town.

And they better hurry, because the greedy wizards not only know where they are, they're after the fabled treasures of this vulnerable sanctuary town.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Unlike the first two books in the series this one is about two shifters. The female is the ice age shifter, not the male. Of course, the auction house is still in full force. This is where our two shifters first become aware of each other.

Skyla Chekal and her sister Rayne were kidnapped and are now being held in a prison where they are put on the auction block until they are sold. Skyla is a dire wolf with free magic. With her magic she can hide her identity. Unfortunately, even if she was able to escape, she would not leave without her sister and the mate she knows is also in the same prison. Although she has no knowledge of who her mate is, his scent is all she needs to know he is the one. Her sister, Rayne, is beaten to death in front of her by the guards. Now she only has her mate to concern herself with.

Nic Paletin is a Siberian tiger. Like Skyla, he is aware his mate is near. An earthquake hits, giving them a chance at escape. Helping all the other shifters and magical beings get free, Nic and Skyla come together and make a run for it with the wizards close behind. They are hoping to make it to Kotoyeesinay, the sanctuary town, but have no idea that they have been bugged. With help from her dryad friend and her car they keep going and the car’s computer, Mauk, informs them of their bugging devices and helps contain them.

Mauk was quite a new character, a character with his own magic. Another recurring character, Tinsel, comes to Nic and Skyla’s aid in addition to Chance and Moira, the couple we met in book two. This story was suspenseful, had new characters and introduced a new sanctuary, Fort LeBlanc, that was destroyed and all in there killed. It was interesting as Nic and Skyla learned about the Fort and tried to help in bringing it back to life.