Hellhound Bound Book Cover Hellhound Bound
D. Thomas Jerlo
Paranormal Dark/Fantasy
Purple Sword Publications LLC
July 14, 2015

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Hanna Carmichael works for the District Attorney as a para-legal. All of her life she has been haunted by violent nightmares involving a monster that eats people whole. As a child her mother used all types of drugs to keep Hanna asleep trying to keep the nightmares at bay. When she was old enough, she left home and stopped taking the drugs. Insomnia and nightmares are what she lives with. Hanna is about to take a trip, not only for business but a trip to Hell and back.

Hanna is helping with a very high profile case involving the murder of a prominent attorney. When her boss tells her she is to go to a town called Rio Morden to get an additional witness statement she is shocked that she is being sent. Hanna decides this might be just what she needs, a mini vacation away from home and the office. How wrong she will be. When her car is hit by a tow truck driven by Rhune, she thinks he is just another ordinary guy, wrong again. Rhune is fifteen hundred years old and the very monster she sees in her nightmares.

During the day Rhune is a human, but at night his job is a Hellhound who must find and eat t’elans (targets) he is sent to. He then delivers the souls to Hell. Not only did Hanna see him in her nightmares, but he also saw her. Hanna is more than just a hard working woman with insomnia. What she is I will not reveal in this review.

When someone attempts to kill Hanna, Rhune is determined to protect her. He knows what she is, but is unable to divulge that information to her. It doesn’t take long before she knows what he is since she sees him up front and personal. The story has surprises, romance, and violence. I loved the interaction between Hanna and Rhune, two wonderful characters in spite of their differences.