REVIEW: His Protector: Federal Paranormal Unit (Gemma-Hydrox Book 5) – LJ Vickery

His Protector : Federal Paranormal Unit Book Cover His Protector : Federal Paranormal Unit
Gemma-Hydrox Book 5
LJ Vickery
Science Fiction Romance
MT Worlds Press
March 6, 2020

Gabriel Quenterra, a drangel with the FPU and the alpha of a local wolfpack, has a lot on his hands. What he doesn’t have time for, is Val, the handsome Strarbian who has become a major distraction. There’s no room in his life for a relationship, but a short fling? Perhaps.
Valor Addis has been attracted to Gabe since coming to earth, but a dire secret makes it far too dangerous for him to enter into a relationship. He could give his heart so easily, and there lies the problem. If the dark alpha makes the slightest overture, his resolve will surely crumble. But what a way to fall to pieces.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Gabriel Quenterra and Valor Addis have been skirting around their feelings for each for long enough so this may be the book to end that nonsense. Gabriel is the alpha of the local wolf pack, an agent for the Federal Paranormal Unit and a drangel so needless to say he has a full plate and there is no room for a relationship but when Valor disappears after being attacked he knows he can no longer hide how he feels that is if he is lucky enough to get him back alive.


Valor is a Starbian, also a drangel and agent for the FPU and also very attracted to Gabriel. He was taken by huge cyber bots but the man in charge apologizes for his being injured and has no intention of harming him. When he tells Valor to destroy his two bots Val is able to remove one of the hands hoping to be able to see what makes it tick. But, the arm sees everything and protects him and Gabriel when they are once again attacked. Through this hand they are able to communicate with the man who created them and what happens is quite a revelation.


Professor Proteus Lander is the inventor of the bots and also a drangle who has been desperately searching for others like him. His parents were lions and like Gabriel whose parents were wolves they both became drangels. The professor reveals that there are others like them out there and he has a map indicating where they are. There is no doubt that a search for these other drangels will get going sooner rather than later except for another kidnapping.


This time the person they will need to find is called Mr. Zeke and while Gabriel and Valor try to overcome their pasts and why they are afraid of a relationship a plan is in the works to find Mr. Zeke and any drangel’s he may have captured. I have no doubt that book six will give us another love story and hopefully the completion of Mr. Zeke’s evil plans and a way to stop him.


Another winner and another must read from one of my favorite authors LJ Vickery.


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