Hitting the Mark Book Cover Hitting the Mark
Aidan Wayne
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
May 28, 2019

Marcus Economidis is a famous action-movie star renowned for doing his own stunts. But put him back in his Michigan hometown for his latest project and he’s a nervous wreck. Why? Taemin Choi—the taekwondo master who trained Marcus and helped him move beyond debilitating shyness to become the man he is today. Taemin was Marcus’s first crush, and now that he’s grown, their reunion might lead to more than a mentorship.

Marcus’s kindness and confidence impresses Taemin, and the attraction is instant—for both of them. Making time for each other won’t be easy, what with Taemin training to qualify for the Olympics and Marcus working on his latest film. But it all seems worthwhile when they’re together, reacquainting themselves with each other—in the dojang and beyond—and nurturing a romance more satisfying than anything either ever thought possible.

But can their romance withstand the pressures of Marcus’s fame and Taemin’s grueling schedule?

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Marcus Economidis is an action movie star whose new movie is taking him back to his hometown in Michigan. Marcus was a shy kid with no friends and couldn’t talk to people until his aunt suggested he go for martial arts training. He was ten years old when he first started training and even when his family moved he continued on.  It was Taemin Choi the taekwondo master who helped make him the man he is today, a man who is famous, rich does his own stunts and puts himself in the public eye daily. Now he has come to face the man who changed him and the man he had his first crush on.

Taemin’s dojang has five hundred students and between teaching and running the dojang he is also training for the National Championship Tournament to qualify for the Olympics. He does charity work and puts his body through a routine that would break most men. His problem is that he forgets to eat and doesn’t give his body the rest it needs and in spite of collapsing after a competition he won he still thinks he is superman.

When the two men finally come together again Marcus realizes that he still cares for Taemin but has no idea if his feelings would be reciprocated so he spends as much time as he can at the dojang and tries to get up the courage to ask Taemin for an actual date revealing his feelings for him. Finally with some encouragement from his personal assistant he goes for it and is thrilled when he discovers that Taemin feels the same.

Unfortunately you have two men who need a calendar to arrange when they can see each other, both men dedicated to their chosen professions and both men yearning for someone to love. Whether Taemin and Marcus make a go of it is something I will leave for you to find out but I will say this book was a beautiful love story that focused solely on Taemin and Marcus and had no need for explicit sex.