Home and Family Book Cover Home and Family
Heart, Home, Family Book 3
Andrew Grey
MM Romance
Independently Published
February 16, 2021

Mark has worked on Clay and Dell’s farm for a year, and he’s now in charge of the care and feeding of their growing herd of goats. He’s worked hard to provide for himself and build a life of his own. But with the operation continuing to expand, additional help is needed.
Isaac lives in a self-sustaining, simple-life community a few miles up the road. He’s spent his life working and wondering what the outside world might be like. When his father requires him to earn outside money, he asks for a job at Clay and Dell’s farm.
What neither Mark nor Isaac expects is a friendship that quickly grows into something more. But their feelings for each other go against everything that Isaac has been taught, and acting on those feelings will mean leaving the only way of life he’s ever known.
Together, Isaac and Mark are going to need a great deal of strength to weather the storm that’s sure to head their way.

Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is the third book in the Trilogy and follows Mark, the youngest member of the cast of characters.  He is working full time at Clay and Dell’s farm, while still trying to work on his strained relationship with his father.  When Clay and Dell hire Isaac to help out with the goats, Mark and Isaac are almost immediately taken with each other.  It would be so simple if only they didn’t come from different worlds.  All the “helpful” advice from others just muddies the water.  


This fish out of water story is very sweet and low angst.  The most tension comes from Isaac and his interactions with his father.  I really wanted more of the relationship between Mark and Isaac.  The transition of Isaac from a member of a secluded community to a full fledged member of the outside world seemed to happen very quickly.  I would have loved to see more of that process on the page.


My favorite part of the book is the character of Archie.  That kid is hilarious and brings together the cast and the plot in unexpected ways.  He is enamored of all things poop related and is motivated by cake.  Overall it is a sweet story of finding love and finding your family.