Homecomings Book Cover Homecomings
Extraordinary, Book 2
K.L. Noone
Novella, Gay, Superhero, Romantic, Fiction
September 18, 2019

Sequel to Sundown, Holiday, Beacon

More superheroes in love! This time, it’s a complicated mission: meeting the parents.

With Holiday no longer undercover as a supervillain, they’ve made him a public part of the team ... and of their relationship. But that won’t be easy. Ryan’s parents, as the team’s science support, want to know every power-related detail, and ask questions about wedding plans and the future. Holly’s supervillain parents are almost certainly no longer on this plane of reality. And John’s parents love their hero son, but aren’t too sure about his choice of partners. Still, Ryan, John, and Holly have faced worse, together.

Contains mystic portals, one set of overexcited parents, one uncomfortable dinner-party, and blueberry pie.

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Reviewed by Xanthe

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is a wonderful continuation of the Extraordinary series that follows three superheroes in a relationship. This book shows us meeting the family of each man with their two partners for the first time. There are very different reactions and experiences from the people we meet as John, Ryan and Holiday move forward making their relationship more solid and open with the people around them.

I love how comfortable the men are with each other. They all know where they stand as they laugh with each other, fight for each other and love on each other whenever possible. Holiday has come quite far since book one with his improved self belief and confidence but there are still moments when John and Ryan will step in and remind him what he has survived and how much he means to them, each man just as important as the other.

I enjoyed all of the parents that we meet, regardless of their reaction as it helps to bring the men together, stronger and more aware of the depth of their love for each other.

The author has written a great series with a variety of characters that really grab your attention and keep you invested in them and their relationship. There is an equal balance between lighthearted moments and those that draw on your emotions. I’m hoping that there is more in the future for the trio, especially as K.L. Noone teases about possibilities at the end. I’d say this is a series better read in order as you get to know more of the characters and their relationship as we go through the books.