REVIEW: Honorable Rogue (Blood Rogue Book 2) – Linda J. Parisi

Honorable Rogue Book Cover Honorable Rogue
Blood Rogue Book 2
Linda J. Parisi
Paranormal Romance/Psychic/Vampires and Wizards
City Owl Press
July 13, 2021

As a Roman gladiator and slave, vampire Hunter Pierce only knew death and destruction. Never love.

Dr. Victoria Roberts only knew love and safety, never fear or death, until the day her life was shattered with a home invasion that destroyed her world.

Now Hunter and Tori’s worlds collide, with Blood Rogues continuing to menace both human and vampire alike.

Tori is in danger and it’s all Hunter’s fault. To keep watch over the clever scientist, the vampire enlists her to aid in finding a cure for Nirvana, the dangerous poison rogue vampires are using to kill.

When Tori is kidnapped, Hunter faces his corrupt former master and a race against the clock to save his own life.

But can a vampire who has only watched out for himself risk his life, and his immortality, for the love of a human?

Can a woman who has lost everything rebuild her shattered heart with a man who thinks he hasn’t got one?

Only love, trust, and an Honorable Rogue can save them all.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

In book one we met Stacy and Charles and now book two begins with their wedding. Stacy’s best friend Dr. Victoria (Tori) Roberts is attending and that was where Hunter Pierce, a vampire, first laid eyes on her. Hunter immediately sensed that Tori was a troubled soul filled with pain and for some reason he felt a connection to her. Of course, as far as he is concerned humans are dinner and nothing more but with a little push from one of his people, he followed her when she left the party.


A home invasion cost Tori everything she held dear in her life and she is consumed with the need for revenge. She follows every lead that comes her way in hopes of finding the men responsible for ending her life as she knew it, a life filled with happiness. Stopping at a rest stop she came face to face with a man who seemed to confirm that vampires might actually exist and when Hunter revealed that he was one she took it as a new pick-up line. Hunter came to her rescue and took her home. When Tori woke up, she was outside her apartment in her car and was pretty sure that she had experienced a night of pleasure at the hands of a stranger but that was all she remembered.


Hunter knew he should never have followed Tori because now he put a target on her back. There is no doubt that his previous master, Casperian, the man who made him a gladiator and who used him like the lowest of animals, is back. He was sold to anyone, man or woman who wanted a night with him, over time he built a wall around himself so that he could survive anything thrown his way, and that was a lot. Because he showed an interest in Tori, Casperian would now see her as Hunter’s weakness and his need to protect her was the first order of business.


Hunter enlisted Tori’s help in finding a cure for Nirvana, a poison that was now turning young vampires into rogues. Rogues were usually vampires at the end of their lives whose need for blood was insatiable and who had to be put down. Nirvana is making rogues and as a pathologist Hunter was sure he could keep her safe in his lab working on the cure and protecting her from the rogues and Casperian.


As much as Hunter tried to convince himself that Tori was just a good meal, he couldn’t ignore the fact that she meant something to him. His entire existence was one without love and love is something he has no experience with and is sure he is incapable of. Sex is not love and sex and blood are what Hunter wants from Tori and she willingly gives both.


As Tori begins working on a cure for Nirvana she begins to see the pain that Hunter lived through and realizes that she too built a wall around herself seeking revenge and losing out on the joy of living. She is determined to help Hunter break his walls down while she does the same with hers. She has spent the last few years searching for the men responsible for her pain and has been living the “what if” torture. What if her father didn’t do what he did, what if her mother didn’t go shopping and what if Tori wasn’t off at a conference having a good time. Such a small word and what pain it can cause.


I don’t want to go into detail about the suffering Hunter went through and the fact that he had two masters, Casperian and his maker. I won’t go into detail about what happens between Hunter and Tori but will say I read this book in one sitting and loved every minute of it. By the way there was a surprise at the end and it was a doozy. It left me speechless and just made me love the book even more. Sex, secrets, lies, violence and amazing characters all in one book.

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