Hunters' Watch Brigade: Initiation Book Cover Hunters' Watch Brigade: Initiation
Paula Millhouse
Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
ImaJinn Books
March 9, 2018

It’s never just another day at the office . . .

Demigod Samantha Silverton, a full-time monster hunter in the Hunters’ Watch Brigade, is on a mission with her familiar, Max, to hunt down a scorned mermaid when she finds out she has bigger fish to fry. Her mother—a powerful witch—has been abducted. And the most likely villain is her mother’s enemy, Francesca Rosencratz.

Being a familiar to a sexy monster hunter has its perks, but Max wants more. He might look like a cat, but he’s also Sam’s best friend . . . and the man who loves her. But in order to defeat Francesca, he’ll have to shift into his human form, something he’s avoided. Because once he’s officially a shifter, he’ll have to join the Brigade. And that could take him away from Sam for good.

But Francesca’s becoming increasingly dangerous. She and a mysterious ally are working to take down the Brigade, and take over the paranormal community. Sam will have to dig deep if she’s going to save her mom. But Max will have to risk even more . . . to save Sam.

When supernatural creatures go rogue, who are you going to call?
The Hunters’ Watch Brigade!

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Samantha Silverton is a Water Elements Specialist and monster hunter working for the Hunter’s Watch Brigade (HWB) who are paranormal peacekeepers protecting humans and others from rogues causing damage and death. Her newest assignment was to bring in a mermaid who is causing ships to sink but that assignment would be nothing compared to her next one, her missing mother.

Sam’s familiar is a talking coon cat named Maximillion Ra (Max) who has been at her side for seven years. Max is a shifter but he knows if he shifts he will no longer be with Sam and will become part of the HWB. He is the son of Wilhelmina’s (Helmina) familiar Miss Daisy and Helmina is Sam’s mother. Helmina put a magic spell on Miss Daisy and her kittens are all able to shift and join the HWB but she has an enemy, Francesca Rosencratz a witch who has hated her ever since she took Poseidon away from her. Poseidon is Sam’s father making her a demigod who is also on Francesca’s hit list.

Sam’s handler and the boss of the HWB Shade Vermillion knows that in order to save Helmina and all the familiars that have gone missing he must get Max to shift in order to protect Sam, his method worked and now Max is a gorgeous man who Sam has loved as a cat and is now very drawn to him as a man although she also knows that they will no longer be together once her mother and the familiars are found. Making matters worse is that Francesa is working with a vampire named Kristoff West the very one that turned Shade two hundred years ago and took his life in more ways then one.

Shade has been searching for Kristoff and hopes that he as well as Francesca will be caught and brought to justice. This is Sam’s toughest assignment and one that means everything to her. She even enlists the help of her father Poseidon. She will finally learn the truth about why her father left and why her parents don’t live together but that is a story I will not reveal.

The search is on and as much as Sam fights her attachment to Max she is not successful their love for each other is very strong and they are willing to take what they can get until he is reassigned.

Max is a character that brings humor to the story and his back and forth banter with Shade is priceless. As soon as the case is solved and everyone is back safe he will be separated from Sam but the first order of business is to save all those that are missing. This book was filled with a very diverse cast of characters, vampires, Poseidon, dragons, witches, shifters and all manner of familiars. The relationship between Sam and Max is now between a man and a woman and it was wonderful watching as they grow to relate to each other in this way.

I look forward to more in this series and hopefully there will be because there is so much more to find out.