Ice Moon Book Cover Ice Moon
Moon Series – Book 5
Lisa Kessler
Paranormal Romance
Entangled: Select Otherworld
November 16, 2015

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Taryn Goldstone is a top commercial and residential broker in the Tahoe area. She has a nine year old son Charlie and the reputation of being “The Ice Queen”. What people don’t know is that the Ice Queen on the inside is pure fire. Taryn is psychic but her power is Pyrokinesis meaning she can start fires with just a thought or a touch. She spent her youth at the Brightwood Academy a place run by Nero, the group who uses anyone with power for their own benefit, creating assassins.

When Taryn met Noah she fell in love and finally had something to look forward to in her life, unfortunately he was a werewolf and when she became pregnant he was sure she had cheated on him. Unaware of the fact that Taryn is psychic and able to conceive with a werewolf without being bitten he left her pregnant and alone and very young. As with all werewolf gestations she gave birth in four months to twin boys. She believed they were premature and loved them with all her heart until one of the twins died in his cradle.

Her fire manifests itself when she becomes emotional and the death of her baby brought about a fire that not only set the room ablaze but burned her son Charlie. It was that event that was the birth of “The Ice Queen”. Afraid to even touch Charlie she becomes a distant mother allowing others to embrace him. Convinced that she will spend her life alone she was totally unprepared for Jared Ayres the carpenter she hired to redo her deck.

Jared is Jason’s twin, it was Jason we met in the last book when he found his mate Kilani. Jared is a werewolf and instantly realizes that Charlies is one also. If allowed to grow up without being taught how to shift and be non-lethal to humans things will not go well. Now he has to get Taryn to thaw out, and advise her of what her son and Jared are. Making matters even worse as soon as Jared touches Taryn he realizes that she is his mate.

Jared like Taryn has his secrets, he dropped out of medical school because of a severe case of claustrophobia caused by a car accident that took the life of his girlfriend. Now Jared has found the one person he will ever love only she won’t let him near her. Of course, their relationship is not the only problem because Nero is in town and wants Taryn. She would make the perfect weapon.

There are secrets, surprises and love as with all the books in this series. We are reunited with all the characters from previous books and learn what is going on in their lives. Although this series does not have to be read in order I highly recommend doing so. Each book is a love story filled with suspense and shouldn’t be missed.