Illogical Book Cover Illogical
Immortals Book 12
LJ Vickery
Paranormal Romance
Weir River Press
April 11, 2019

Lahar needs to grab Mary Margaret’s interest immediately. Her life is in danger. But how to get around the fact she has friends, family, and an interior decorating business of her own? Will she give all that up to become his goddess? Instantly smitten with MM’s drive and creativity, he quickly invents a non-existent house for her to renovate. But he better come up with a real property, fast, or she’ll call him out for a liar before he gets her to fall for him. A tall order for a god who’s more comfortable behind a computer…or chewing grass in a field.
Mary Margaret Tankler has been cossetted, pampered and…sigh…held back by her loving but overly protective parents. Her self-made design company is a last ditch effort to break free and lead an independent life. When Lahar Morton, a man whose hotness will surely keep her awake at night, asks her to renovate his ocean-front property, she knows it’s the project that will make or break her career. That’s if she can maintain a professional demeanor, and keep herself from falling for the gorgeous, enigmatic man.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Three Gods are left without a Chosen and time is running out, it is now 6/28 and if all the Gods have not found their Chosen then 9/15 is when they will all have to return to Hell. Lahar is the God of Logic and finding a mate is not something he is ready to do but the lives of his fellow Gods depends on him and it appears that he has found her. A group of females that were saved and living in a guest house at the Gods’ Blue Hills compound has made him corporeal a sure sign that he has found his Chosen, like it or not he has a responsibility to try to meet her and hopefully get her to fall for him. Her name is Wendy but when they touch there are no sparks which should happen.

Wendy knows that Lahar has the wrong girl and she informs him that she has a half-sister who is probably his true Chosen, he just has to find her. It takes a lot of computer work to finally get information on Wendy and her family and he finally finds her half-sister, Mary-Margaret Tankler (Mags). Mags owns her own company called Paper and Paint and has created her own brand of textures which is becoming popular by word of mouth. She has no idea she has a half-sister or that the man who comes to her office to hire her is supposed to be her mate.

One look at Mags and he is hooked and now he knows exactly how the other Gods felt when in the presence of their Chosen. Suddenly all he wants is to make love to her and to be with her but he insists on taking it slow because she has a family, a mother, father and friends and her own business so getting her to accept him and give everything up will not be an easy thing to do.

Mags has given up on men since there has not been one that has interested her enough to want to go to bed with them but standing in front of her is a man who pushes all her buttons and she just met him. Unfortunately she can see no way for him to want her since he is gorgeous, rich and dreamy and she does not want to be another notch on his bed frame. She has no idea that the feelings she has for him are because of their connection to one another and Lahar has his work cut out for him.

Of course it doesn’t take long before they are together and she tries to believe the story he gives her of being an agent for the government but as much as she begins to doubt what he says she still can’t stay away from him. Another problem is she finally discovers she has a half-sister, a half-sister her mother thought was dead and who she has mourned for over thirty years. How easy it would be for me to reveal everything, it’s like keeping a secret and I am just not that good at it but I will contain myself so I don’t ruin the story for you.

If you haven’t read the previous books I would definitely suggest doing so although you won’t be lost if you didn’t, you will have lost out on some amazing stories. We once again are reunited with all of the other Gods and their Chosen and all the new babies. We also get some closure on what has happened with Beletseri and her mate Matthew. Bel is pregnant and a prisoner of Ridhwan, she has been beaten, starved and even though she is an enemy of the Gods they still cannot just stand by and allow her to be tortured. If they got her or not, well another secret I am keeping.

I love this series, what’s not to love, sexy Gods fighting evil their Chosen who are now Goddesses and keep their men in line. And, I don’t want to forget to mention that there are quite a few surprises.