Island House Book Cover Island House
Dropping Anchor Book 1
Bru Baker
MM Contemporary Romance
Dreamspinner Press
November 11, 2013

Dropping Anchor: Book One
Unable to move on after the death of his lover, British expat Niall Ahern clings to Nolan's dream of living in the Caribbean by moving to Tortola. Once there, he finds that not even the beauty of the island can fill the hole in his heart. Broke and spent in nearly every way imaginable, Niall wants out of the lonely, miserable, guilt-ridden life he's carved out for himself.

When Ethan Bettencourt, a wealthy tech guru, shows up in British Virgin Islands looking to purchase a second home, he gives Niall hope that he can move on. Both men fall hard and fast, but Niall finds piloting his yacht in the midst of a hurricane is nothing compared to weathering life's simple misunderstandings. As their troubles come between them, Niall is left to wonder if he and Ethan are over before they've begun.

Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz
Sr Reviewer & Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

This is my first Bru Baker read, and although because of my reviewing OCD I wanted to read the series in order, I am starting with the first book Island House. You are seeing this review because it was well worth my time, although not many have read this story!

Niall Ahern is residing on the island of Tortola, in the British Virgin Islands. Reading we begin to learn a bit about him. Niall’s past is keeping him there, he is really existing; not living. His best friend from childhood and then lover Nolan’s dream was leaving the military service and own and manage a fishing boat company in the Caribbean. But life happens and Nolan dies in a terrible mugging gone badly. The death took everything out of Niall and now we find he has been trying to live another man’s dream.

We meet the mysterious Ethan Bettencourt, very wealthy, wanting to find a getaway house on the island. Niall, now in real estate, is given the challenge. Our author now opens up possibilities, to both men. The story puts disasters in front of them, hurricanes, and missing pieces for these two to fight; and to hopefully find the love they both want and are so deserving of.

The reader just follows the pieces and gets to watch them muddle thru , all the while wishing for the best! I truly am so glad I started with the first of the three book series.
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