It's All in the Telling & All The World Stopped Tonight Book Cover It's All in the Telling & All The World Stopped Tonight
Tamela Miles
Paranormal Romance

Reviewed By:  Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

These are two short stories that tell the tale of different groups of people who become involved in one way or another with the paranormal.

It’s All In The Telling

Tierney and Rob have different opinions about paranormal.  Tierney hates it and Rob likes to study it.  As an asthmatic, Tierney has difficulty breathing and wishes out loud that she could breathe.  At night in bed, something extraordinary happens which makes her realize that there are in fact demons in the world.

Ethan Fallows, a second year college student, is madly in love with Anya James and has been for years.  Anya only feels friendship towards Ethan and he uses black magic to change that.  What he does changes Anya’s life forever.

Christian Castro and Virginia Taylor have been in love since high school until that fateful day they visit a tarot shop.  What the cards foresee is unbelievable and Christian learns the hard way about what lays ahead.

All The World Stopped Tonight

Delilah McCade finds herself in a bar waiting for an acquaintance of her brother, Ash Lockler.  Little does she know that her brother has sold her to a vampire in lieu of a huge debt he owes.  Once glamoured, Delilah believes that Ash is a long time friend and brings him back to her apartment.  What happens?  What is he after?  Will the debt be paid? This was a short but interesting story.

Anya is once again trying to rid herself of the mind bond that Ethan has placed on her.  She goes to a Wiccan who is successful in getting Ethan out of her mind but Ethan is not going away easily.

Thea is a thirty year old woman, unmarried and childless.  She teaches elementary school and in a dream her grandma appears and informs her that she is a witch.  She inherited that ability from her grandmother.  Her grandmother warns her to be careful of what she sees in a mirror and not to touch it.  Of course, Thea doesn’t listen and faces something unbelievable.

Both of these books were short but interesting.  They are both worth reading.