Jackalopes and Woofen-Poofs Book Cover Jackalopes and Woofen-Poofs
Offbeat Crimes Book 5
Angel Martinez
Gay, Fantasy, Romance, MM Romance, LGBT
Amazon Digital Services LLC
October 3, 2017

Hoax animals and a consulting vampire on the prowl—ACO Jason Shen never thought having a cop boyfriend would be this hard.

All Animal Control Officer Jason Shen ever wanted was a quiet life of rescuing lost kittens and helping animals in need. Having a paranormal cop boyfriend guarantees an end to the quiet part. What at first seems like a random encounter with jackalopes in the park might be more than chance and when State Paranormal sends a handsome, charming vampire to consult with the Seventy-Seventh, he finds his relationship with Alex on shaky ground.

Officer Alex Wolf hoped his humaning skills were improving but now he can’t unravel the strange politics at State Paranormal or why Jason’s family seems to hate him. There’s no time to puzzle things out, either. Bizarre animals are loose in the city, Jason’s acting strange—and is the vampire captain from State flirting with him? Wolf’s going to have to keep his head in the game if he’s going to have any chance of putting the pieces together and keeping the city safe from the strange critters terrorizing its streets.

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Review by Gloria Lakritz

Senior Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

I am totally addicted to this series. Angel Martinez has taken a huge chance and written a far- fetched, tongue and cheek series. If they were humans they would be called the “Motley Crew”….But since they are not,  makes it even better.

The 77th  is where all the almost paranormals are. There is a vampire that needs skimmed blood…..a wolf that was turned into a human and woofs, and on and on and on. But now we are in our 5th book and we are getting into the rhythm  of this talented author !

The Wolf Alex and Jason have finally become a couple. The Police Officer and The Animal Control Officer. We had thought the relationship was solid  and now  we get a deeper look into Jason Chen and what he is going through in life with his family.

We are also aware, Alex sometimes suffers from trying to bridge the human world and his pack world. Words are hard for him and he marvels at Jason and his gift.

We had no idea, Jason lives constantly under being told he is nothing. First being pressured for the gay to go away, and then he is told after bringing Alex home for a family BBQ;  that he would never keep Alex: that Alex would find someone better and leave him. Hateful hateful…..

I hate to give away too much ‘stuff’  cause  you have to start from Book#1 and learn about our fearsome team…… Cause when and if LJ and Hunter get together I want to be there !!!!

I totally recommend!!


**2017 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner**