Joshua and the Magical Islands Book Cover Joshua and the Magical Islands
Portallas Book 2
Christopher D. Morgan
November 19, 2017

Reviewed by: Toni Sweeney

For the Paranormal Romance Guild

Having survived the battle with the Goat and his minions, young Woodsman Joshua plans to take his girlfriend Sarah to his village to meet his mother.  When they reach Morelle, however, they find the village burned and deserted. Atop the remains of the Elder’s hut is a black flag carrying the mark of the Goat.

The Goat has Joshua’s people.

“We have to find them and bring them back.” Joshua’s breathing quickened. Emotions he had never tapped into surfaced like an erupting volcano inside him. “And when I do,” he declared, “I’m going to make him pay for what he’s done. I’m going to kill him.”

When Joshua receives a second Orb from a dying survivor, he and Sarah find themselves  in another dimension…the Archipelago. There, they meet Luana, a native of Atoweena, one of the Archipelago’s islands. They also discover Andrew and the curmudgeonly Galleon from Morelle have also been transported.  On the islands of Atoweena and Kihala, Joshua will discover another Orb and fight some nasty crusaceans called palm crabs, an underworld creature ruled by the Goat.

““They are about as big as you are. Their pincers can cut clean through bone. Two of them would easily be strong enough to pull you into the ocean. Almost nothing can kill them. Only the sharpest of spears can penetrate their shells.”

Once again, Joshua will fight his evil adversary, using the Orbs he now possesses…

“He fell to his knees and placed the orb in contact with the other two. All three pulsated. They all flashed in unison. The pulses of light intensified. Joshua and the others got to their feet and backed away from the vortex that was now forming above the orbs on the beach. The swirling disturbance continued to increase as the Portallas opened.”

…but an ultimate sacrifice will be demanded…

This entry in the Portallis series (formerly titled Forestrium) is a bit darker than the first novel. There’s still plenty of magic and wonder in store, however, as well as a continuing note of hope for victory against the Goat and his minions.  This story is as well-written as its predecessor, with a group of characters those who’ve read the first novel will recognize and new readers will come to like.

As with the other novel, maps preface the story, in this case, of the islands of the title, as well as more of those delightfully beautiful illustrations appearing in the Glossary. (I’m still waiting for portraits of the main characters, however.)

All in all, this is a fascinating entry in the series. The world-building is growing, adding another kingdom and more flora and fauna to the fascinating realm(s) in which young Joshua and friends strive to overcome the evil entity called the Goat.

More to come and looking forward to it.


**2017 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner**

3rd place Y/A & N/A

1st place Y/A & N/A – SERIES