Karma Book Cover Karma
Nadine Nightingale
Wild Rose Press
May 4, 2016


Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Amanda Bishop is a witch who has made her living as a fortune teller. Amanda has finally decided to go straight and is heading to New York where she will attend NYU and live in the dorm with her best friend, Bonnie. Unfortunately, her plans are drastically changed when she is approached by Alex Remington who works for the Paranormal Analysis Unit of the FBI. The two of them had a relationship until Alex found out that she was a witch, the very thing he hunts and kills.

Alex actually came close to killing Amanda twice, but it was his brother, Jesse, who saved her. Now Alex wants her help in locating Jesse who has disappeared in California. Jesse went out on his own to find a bocor, a voodoo priest, in an attempt to save a friend. Now Jesse is gone and Alex has only one person he can turn to and that is a witch. The only reason that Amanda agrees to help Alex is his promise to leave her alone in the future and because she wants to help Jesse.

There is more going on than just Jesse missing. There are at least ten missing kids, all having disappeared from Bakersfield where Jesse was last thought to be. Some of the missing children have reappeared but they all seem to have been possessed. None of them have come back anywhere near normal. Amanda is determined to save the children and Jesse, even though going up against a bocor could be deadly.

A partnership, even one that is temporary, between Alex and Amanda is going to cause nothing but trouble. In spite of their past relationship, the two of them come off as hating each other, but we all know that there is a very small space between the two. She hates that he is a hunter and has threatened her life more than once, and he hates the fact that she is a witch and can’t be trusted. However, missing kids and a missing brother have brought about an uneasy truce.

I was hooked from page one. I have to warn those who hate violence, rape, child pornography and incest that this may not be the book for you. There is no doubt that there is more coming and I look forward to it. I do not want to give any spoilers so I am limiting what I say about the book other than it is well worth the read.