King of Wishful Thinking Book Cover King of Wishful Thinking
Paris in Springtime Book 2
T.B. Bond
Paranormal Romance
Vanilla Mocha Publishing
August 25, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Torin Bagely is a rabbit shifter who is looking at a house recommended by her real estate agent. It was a done deal as soon as she found out that a ghost lived there, a ghost named Sandra.

The house is in a cul-de-sac and only one other house is occupied. Torin is ready to set up her warren and find her mate. She has joined Paris in Springtime Dating Service and will be set up with ten dates one of whom hopefully is her mate.

Living next door to Torin is Nadir Seif a djinn who during Christmas is actually Santa Clause. He is always granting wishes and when Torin wished for the house he granted it even though he preferred his privacy. Nadir owns all the propery in the cul-de-sac ensuring that he doesn’t have to deal with any neighbors but now he has one.

As soon as Nadir sees Torin he realizes that she is his mate but a mate is the last thing in the world he wants. When he kisses her the bond is set and his only hope is for her to find another mate and release him. He even goes so far as pretending to be gay but as hard as he tries to rid himself of Torin he finds it becoming more and more impossible. Torin is also very attracted to Nadir even though she thinksshe¬†¬†he is gay but doesn’t realize that he and she are mates.

The characters are wonderful as is the story but unfortunately the editing is so bad that it actually interferred with the story. I found myself having to reread sentences over and over again.