Knight of Flames Book Cover Knight of Flames
Inheritance Book 2
Amelia Faulkner
Paranormal M/M
August 23, 2016

Reviewed by Charlayne Elizabeth Denney

Paranormal Romance Guild

Laurence Riley and Quintin D’Arcy are back in the second installment of the Inheritance series by Amelia Faulkner. Having survived the attack of the deity who called himself Jack, Laurence and Quin are still trying to find the extent of their new paranormal talents and the extent of their relationship. Quin is still unsure about any relationship and, after his former lover gets possessed by Jack and has to be killed, Laurence isn’t sure if he’s ready for anything either.

Quin meets a man named Kane Wilson, who is interested in having Quin work for him. There are things about the man that pings Laurence and Quin’s “weird” meters but Quin signs on to help teach the kids who have gathered at Kane’s house how to work with and control their own paranormal talents. It becomes more important as they find out that Kane isn’t everything he claims to be. He’s actually more. On top of everything else, Quintin’s twin brother, Frederick, has found him and is trying to get him to go home to take over family duties.

I enjoyed the first book, Jack of Thorns and wanted to read the second. I was not disappointed. I love Laurence and Quintin, their personalities, and the interplay between them. The character of Kane Wilson reminded me of several other “pied piper” types, specifically Professor X in the X-Men comics. He has a group of kids with supernatural talents gathered in a house near Quintin’s home in southern California, and he has an idea to train the kids to save the rest of humanity with him as their leader.

Of course, something happens that gets Laurence and Freddy involved and the whole story goes into overdrive from there. I loved the different quirks of all of the characters, and I am very interested to read the third book in the series.

If you want a great m/m read that doesn’t center on the sexual relationship, but more on the actual personalities and situations, Knight of Flames and the Inheritance series is a good one to read. While it’s a series, you can pick up in the second book and not feel totally lost. I urge you to go back and read book 1, because it is a great read as well.