Knowing God Book Cover Knowing God
Donald Allen Kirch
Romance, Fantasy
Why Not??? Publications
March 25, 2018

Nathan Andrews was a good man. It came as quite a surprise to him that he wanted to die.

After a "botched" attempt to commit suicide, Nathan is haunted by the mysterious image of a woman, during a Near Death Experience. She was "perfect" and everything a man would seek within a life partner. With the simple utterance "Go back!" she forever conquered his heart.

Leaving a mental hospital after that, Nathan runs into an odd woman named Amanda. She barely knows English, doesn't recognize the simple things, and finally confesses an all-important truth to him: GOD!

After some subtle convincing of the claim, and confronted by a winged man named "Gabriel," Nathan accepts this fantastic reality. A reality that will change his world, and the world of Mankind...FOREVER!

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Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team 

Warning: Where our author offers this as a Fantasy Romance, readers religiously devout, might be offended by the humor, the tongue and cheek take off of this rather different view of  the characters portrayed in this fantasy very satirical story written by Donald Allen Kirch.

Thirty-five year old Nathan Andrews has decided to end his life, a life of loneliness and a life where each day is a repeat of the day before. He cuts his wrists and finds himself fighting off demons who are ripping him apart until a woman yells for him “to go back.”

When he wakes up, he is in a hospital. There he now spends two weeks convincing those treating him that he didn’t intend to try to kill himself again.

A walk in the park and finding a beautiful woman crying would change his life in ways he could never ever have imagined. The woman’s name is Amanda, well that is the name she gives herself until she finally confesses that she fell in love with Nathan and that she is God. Although once a male he is now a female and she has left Heaven to be with the man she loves. So now you know sort of how this story is going!

Unfortunately Amanda’s decision to abandon Heaven left an opening for Lucifer to step in and take over. Lucifer is killing archangels and anyone who didn’t go along with him; leaving Heaven in chaos.

As much as Archangel Gabriel begged Amanda to return to Heaven,  she had a plan, a plan that would in time bring about a whole new way of life. Of course this new way would take years that would be filled with war and killing but eventually it would lead to a new age of peace.

This book tells a completely different take on Jesus, the Bible and what we were taught. I won’t go into details of what the book covers but if you are a religious person you may find yourself very uncomfortable about this books approach to religion even though it is definitely a satire and quite amusing at times.