Kyle Book Cover Kyle
Legacy Series
RJ Scott
MM Romance
Love Lane Books
August 29, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

A story about two lost men both scared, lost and abused.

Kyle Braden was one of the men who survived the Bar Five Ranch and the owner Hank Castille. Hank abused Kyle and others and sold them to his friends for sex. One of the men that Hank pawned Kyle off on was his rich friend Paul, a man with a fine car, who dressed well but was a sadist. For a year Kyle took the abuse until he finally had enough and left. Kyle began to work at the Double D Ranch owned by Jack Campbell-Hayes and Riley Campbell-Hayes. Kyle trusted Jack but every time he was around Riley he found himself comparing him to Paul. He saw Jack as himself with Riley using him and he kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. Kyle lives in his past and is ready to fight anyone he thinks might hurt him, something he didn’t do with Hank.

Kyle has been put in charge of Jack’s new project building a center for people in need, young men or women who have suffered abuse and have no direction, people like Kyle. The new center is called Legacy and Kyle was responsible for building the rooms and caring for some of the horses. It is there that he meets Jason Smith.

Jason spends a great deal of time living on the streets and selling himself for money. He has been saving his money and putting it in the bank dreaming of leaving and starting a new life. Jason has had a very rough life but when he discovers that Evo a boy he considered a friend has been stealing his ATM card and has wiped out all his money he is at a total lose.

The last man Jason was with is discovered by his wife and Jason is accused of stealing, Jason calls Steve a man who runs a half-way house for help. Jason tries various jobs but always loses them and goes back to what he does best sell himself. It is Jason that is picked to be the first one to move into Legacy even though it is not finished. Jason is convinced this is just another case of someone wanting him for sex and he keeps offering himself with no takers.

Now there is Jason and Kyle working together and living next to each other both with secrets and both lost and alone. So many have found a new life at the Double D can Jason and Kyle find that at the Legacy? This series is a spin-off of the Texas Series, a series which I have read and loved, now I get to read a new set of stories and will be able to revist with Jack and Riley Campbell-Hayes.