Lapis Lazuli: Forgotten and Remembered Book Cover Lapis Lazuli: Forgotten and Remembered
The Stones of Power, Book 7
M.D. Grimm
LGBT, Gay, Fantasy, Romance
Independently published
August 17, 2019

A bond they thought couldn’t be broken...

Lord Morgorth, Dark Mage of the North, has never felt so far away from his precious mate as he does now. Still reeling from the events of a month before, Aishe struggles to come to grips with what the dream demon did to him while pretending to be Morgorth. For his part, Morgorth is haunted by the chilling vision the Mother sent him while he traversed Dreamworld—a vision where he kills the one most precious to him. Due to that knowledge, he knows he must choose his magick or his mate.

A choice with devastating consequences...

When Morgorth goes missing, Aishe must search for him, frightened that he has lost his mage forever. In his heart he knows they were meant for each other and refuses to allow his own horrid memories to tear them apart. But when he finds Morgorth he is stunned to realize that Morgorth doesn’t remember him. In fact, in Morgorth’s mind, he is a young lad named Lazur.

Sometimes the most well-known truth is the greatest lie...

For his entire life, Morgorth always knew his destiny was to become the Destroyer of his home world. His birthright as the third seventh son of a seventh son guaranteed such an outcome. Everyone told him so—except his mentor, Master Ulezander. Morgorth will learn that his mentor has been keeping the greatest secret of all: his true destiny.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

It has been almost a month since the council inquiry and Aishe and Morgorth’s experience in Dreamworld. Since then Aishe has been very distant and each time that Morgorth uses his magic he flinches. Aishe has lost his spark and their relationship is suffering. Aishe can’t seem to get the nightmares he suffered at the hands of the dream demon out of his head, his tribe and his family being torn apart and all at the hands of the mage he loves, Morgorth. Even after finally accepting that everything that happened was a dream and that Morgorth would never hurt him he is still trying to come to terms with everything that happened.

A visit to his sister tribe and his aunt is beginning to put a smile on Aishe’s face, he seems lighter, laughing with the children, hunting and showing signs of the old Aishe before Dreamworld. Morgorth is also dealing with the vision he had, a vision that showed Aishe dying at his hands and now he leaves to visit his mentor, Master Ulezander, a man who was like a father to him. He has decided to give up his magic rather than risk killing the man he loves. Ulezander owns a stone called Lapis Lazuli, a stone that will rip the magic out of a mage.

When Morgorth fails to return to the tribe and Aishe, Aishe realizes that something is wrong and a visit to Ulezander sets him on the road to finding Morgorth. What he finds is a man’s body but a young child in his mind and after a while he comes face to face with the bitter man filled with rage and hate. Eventually Morgorth is himself, minus his magic and when Aishe discovers what he did he is angry. Once again Morgorth decided what he thought was best for them without a discussion.

Without his magic Morgorth feels empty and with Aishe’s help he decides to get his magic back.  This journey took Aishe and Morgorth to their lowest points but it was also a learning experience, the Destroyer learned the truth about himself, a truth his mentor kept from him, a truth that will change the direction his life will take.

As I write this review this is the last book available in the series but there is more coming and I for one can’t wait.