The Last Mayor's Son Book Cover The Last Mayor's Son
Leslie E. Heath
Sci-fi, Fantasy, Young Adult, Coming of Age
Class Act Books
December 14, 2016

Aibek gets the surprise of his life when he's summoned out of the West Xona Military Academy to help the village of his birth defend their newly won freedom. Aibek, his best friend, and his father’s life-long servant make the perilous journey to Nivaka. They arrive to a grand welcome, but soon learn that not everyone there is happy they've come. Will Aibek figure out who in the forest village wants him gone? Or will someone end up dead?

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Reviewed by A. T. Weaver
Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Aibek escaped death as an infant in a battle that saw his parents killed and his home taken over by a tyrannical dictator. He was raised by his father’s brother and now, on the death of the dictator’s governor, he has been called home to take his place as his father’s heir.

The author has created an interesting world of a village in the top of trees where everything but food is supplied by a certain tree that grows in this land.

Aibek and his friends travel home and are met with both welcome and resentment. He and his best friend help train an army to defend the city when the dictator sends forces to retake the city.

This is a long read, but there is nothing I would cut out. The flow is smooth and all elements are necessary to the story.

Although the story is complete in itself, the author left an opening for future adventures.

For a first book, I found this to be very well written; for the most part. I’m taking off ½ star for some POV shifts in mid paragraph.