Legal Tender Book Cover Legal Tender
Art Stories Book 4
Andrew Grey
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
April 5, 2012

Reviewed by:   Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is the fourth novel in the art series. This one revolves around gold coins, especially a 1933 Gold Double Eagle, which, according to the Federal Government, should no longer be in existence.

Timothy Besch ran away from home at the age of eighteen. The only relative he is still in contact with his is grandfather who is living in a nursing home. Timothy’s mother was the direct cause of his leaving home and of his grandfather’s current living arrangement.  She is a drug addict, willing to do whatever it took to get her next fix. One of the things she did when Timothy was eighteen changed his life forever.  What did she do?

Timothy visits his grandfather often, even though his grandfather can barely remember him at times.  Each visit, though, his grandfather tells him that he left everything to him, and that he should remember his stories, and where Timothy used to play.  Unfortunately, when his grandfather dies everything he told Timothy goes out of his head; grief is the only thing he feels.  When Timothy realizes that everything included his grandfather’s house, the first thing he does is evict his mother.  He then has to decide if he can ever live in the home, since it is filled with as many good memories as bad.

Eventually he realizes, this was his grandfather’s home. He will clean it out and fix it up.  While checking in the attic, he remembers the place his grandfather built him to play in, and it is then he remembers his grandfather’s words.  Hidden in that secret room is a bag filled with gold coins, one of them the 1933 Gold Double Eagle.  After researching the coin, Timothy realizes that anyone who claims to have the coin has had it confiscated by the government, and he doesn’t want that to happen to him.  It is then that he decides to see Gerald, his boyhood friend, Dieter’s partner.

Finding the coin and going to Gerald both lead to him meeting Joiner Carver, an associate at Gerald’s law office, a meeting that will change Joiner and Timothy’s lives.  There is an instant attraction between them, but it is a relationship that will not be easy.  Whatever happened to Timothy when he was eighteen still lingers in his mind and has made him fearful and untrusting around people.  Can Joiner give him what he needs to overcome his fears?

This is a beautifully written story of a young man who has had to overcome his past and tries to live for the here and now.  We also are reunited with Gerald while he and Joiner try to help Timothy fight the Federal Government for his right to keep his grandfather’s gold coin.  Although Gerald was successful in winning a huge case against a foreign country, he is now fighting his own country where everything is automatically labeled as a case against homeland security.  Is there any hope of winning?  Is it possible for Joiner and Timothy to find what they are looking for with each other?

There is explicit sex, a big court case, and a big surprise that threw me for a loop.