Legend of Love Book Cover Legend of Love
The Muse Chronicles Book 2
Lisa Kessler
Romantic Fantasy
Lisa's Lair
April 24, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Another amazing addition to an amazing series. I started this book and before I knew it I had finished it and that was how I spent three hours totally absorbed in a wonderful story.

We meet another Muse, this one is Callie O’Connor the Muse of Epic Poetry. Callie is a civilian psychologist working for the Navy and her new patient is Captain Hunter Armstrong. Hunter is a SEAL whose last mission resulted in the disappearance of one of his team. Before he is allowed back to duty he must be given the okay by Callie only Hunter is not a very cooperative patient.

Hunter is more interested in dating the pretty doctor than speaking to her and she refuses to date a patient. When he was leaving her office he suddenly found himself hearing the receptionist’s thoughts and the birthmark he had on his wrist was suddenly burning. Apparently Hunter is Callie’s Guardian the man marked by the gods to protect his muse. Callie has no idea about Hunter until she sees the mark and realizes that he is hearing the voices of those looking to kill her.

Hunter is determined to protect Callie and has learned all about the Muses. He joins forces with Nate who is marrying Mel. Nate is a police officer and he and Mel we met in book one. Now there are two Guardians trying to stop the Order of the Titans. Ted Belkin Sr. is the leader of the Order and it is their mission to stop the Muses from rebuilding the Theater of the Muses. Callie is the leader of the group and she is the next one on the hit list.

Hunter finds himself falling for Callie but she refuses to get involved. Callie once broke the heart of the man she loved when she left him standing at the altar and is convinced that her Muse is always looking for excitement and she would eventually grow bored with Hunter and leave him hurting. What she didn’t expect was Hunter’s persistence, he is a SEAL and giving up is not in his DNA.

Someone has come very close to killing Callie and if it wasn’t for Hunter they would have succeeded, this is the reason he is now in their sights. There is so much going on in this story so that it never gets boring. Hunter’s sister Alicia and her boyfriend Curtis play a part in the story but I will not reveal what that part is.

The story is full of surprises, hot sex, catching up with the other Muses and getting a feel for who the next Muse and Guardian will be. I hope I am right. There are nine Muses and this is only book two so I hope I am right when I optimistically expect there to be many more books in the series.