Lies of Omission Book Cover Lies of Omission
Edward Kendrick
LGBT Romance
December 9, 2020

Lyle Atwood's company is hired to costume a party given by multi-millionaire Warner Radclyffe. As he and his employees begin preparations for the job, Lyle begins to feel as if someone is watching him. Then he meets Damien Sauvage, the newest tenant in the apartment building where he lives.

Damien tells Lyle that he's a waiter, and when Lyle confides in him that he thinks he's being stalked, Damien offers to help find out who it is. What he neglects to tell Lyle is he actually works for Radclyffe, who wants him to protect Lyle from a very powerful enemy.

As Damien gains Lyle's confidence, he becomes attracted to the younger man -- an attraction that Lyle reciprocates. He fights his feelings, knowing Lyle will hate him when he finds out his secret -- and even more so when he learns what Damien really is.

Radclyffe orders Damien to continue the job, as he has a secret of his own involving Lyle. A secret that cannot be revealed until the night of the party.

Can Lyle survive what is to come, or will the lies of omission be the death of him -- or worse?


Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team


Lyle Atwood is the owner of a costume emporium and has been hired by multi-millionaire Warner Radclyffe to costume actors and actresses for a haunted house themed party. Lyle is known for his costumes since he designs and makes them himself definitely not the kind of costumes that come wrapped in a plastic bag. This is a big job and one he is both excited and nervous about. With the help of his two friends and employees Joseph and Elaine he is determined to make it the best work he has ever done.


Lyle is a man who is not comfortable around people and chooses to stay in his workroom making costumes and only goes down to the main floor when there are too many customers for Elaine and Joseph to handle alone. Lyle will learn that there is more to this haunted house party then he could ever have imagined and that his life is in danger. The party is being thrown on his twenty-eighth birthday, there is a reason which I will not reveal. 


Damien Sauvage has been hired by Radclyffe to watch over Lyle until after the party and so he rents the apartment on Lyle’s floor and manages to befriend him. Damien has a secret which wouldn’t be a big deal if not for the fact that he is falling hard for Lyle and knows that his secret could end any chance of a relationship. 


When Damien tries to get Radcliffe to hire someone else to protect Lyle he is refused and now he is in a situation that could end with a broken heart. When Lyle discovers he was hired to protect him and when Lyle discovers what he is all will be lost.


Damien and Lyle were wonderful characters and the book was full of secrets, surprises and mystery but my only problem was the fact that there were a lot of typos and the editing was bad in addition to the fact that when Lyle finally comes to discover everything that is going on he takes it all as if it is nothing unusual. I won’t reveal the secrets but they were a doozie and anyone else would have had a hard time adjusting to them, Lyle adjusted way too fast in my opinion. 


All and all the story was interesting and the characters both main and secondary were wonderful. I just needed a little more suspense and a little more of a quiet man who can’t be around people taking all the news with more passion. Even when he gets upset it doesn’t last very long.