Life is Awesome Book Cover Life is Awesome
Mnevermind Trilogy Book 3
Jordan Castillo Price
February 24, 2015

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

This is the third book in the Mnevermind Trilogy and after finishing the last page, I felt truly complete. I had heard so much about this series, but I had started JCP’s PsyCop series and was so into Vic and the PsyCop adventures, I read the first four quickly. Getting to Camp Hell, I figured I was not looking forward to seeing the horror place quite yet, which is how I started Mnevermind and ran right through the trilogy. Boy am I happy I did!

After reading this brilliant series, beginning with Persistence of Memory, I knew I would never be the same. This author does not write a story, she feels the words she writes, a gentleness needed for these two men finding their way through the baggage they have lived with and have been forced to accept what they couldn’t change and accept each other.

Daniel Schroeder was living his life filled with guilt. His dad, Big Dan, used a dreamscape Daniel authored and had a serious reaction. Big Dan didn’t remember his wife divorced him and was gone for five years, so every morning Daniel had the horrible job of telling Big Dan Mom hadn’t left for work, or she was not late for dinner, she wasn’t coming home, then deal with the aftermath.

Elijah Crow had a form of autism. Our author led us by his Point of View (POV) in his struggle to be in this world and not be seen as a freak. We see how he teaches himself not to scare people, not to touch, not to, not to, not to, until I was truly sick at how hard it was for him to get through a day.

But Daniel and Elijah liked each other, then respected each other and truly made a path to love each other one step at a time. Elijah finding a sex chat room to ask questions was one of the most humorous scenes in the series. He was adorable, gentle, and so ready to finally find himself.

Daniel the older, more experienced one, was a gentle teacher. He also turned to the internet, learning about autism and realizing how Elijah processed. They each worked hard and the reader cheered for them. Elijah, realizing he was gay, loved the feel of Daniel that he never realized he had been lacking.

I now know why everyone told me to read her books. I agree about what everyone is saying, Jordan Castillo Price is a wonderfully talented author!