Lime Gelatin and Other Monsters Book Cover Lime Gelatin and Other Monsters
Offbeat Crimes Book 1
Angel Martinez
M/M Paranormal Mystery
Pride Publishing
August 16, 2016

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer for the Pranormal Romance Guild

Meeting Ms Martinez at a book convention was great.  When I saw she had a paranormal mystery, I was all in. What a surprise (in a good way) when I read the first Novella. The title was quirky at best, but she had me at Gelatinous Creature!

The 77th Precinct has a Paranormal Squad that Kyle Monroe has been transferred after said meeting with this gelatinous creature. Their meeting in a dark alley, scarred him and gave him strange inhuman powers; changing his life forever.

Vikash Soren is his new partner. Kyle sees him as tall, perfect and wants to hate him. Bodies are piling up on the river bank and they must work together to solve the crime. I think the tongue and cheek writing and the hilarious side characters are going to be fun as we follow this bunch of strange untamed paranormal misfits trying to work together to get their man, or monster!

Great start! Will read the second The Pill Bugs of Time