The Lone Rancher Book Cover The Lone Rancher
Dreamspun Desires Book 4
Andrew Grey
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
February 15, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Aubrey Klein and his parents live on their ranch in Texas, a ranch that Aubrey is fighting to keep from foreclosure. His parent’s spending put the ranch in the red and Aubrey is trying to save the ranch he hopes to spend the rest of his life on.

A visit to a gay strip club in Dallas led Aubrey to a way to save his home. When he went on stage and danced the owner immediately realized Aubrey’s potential. He could literally earn $1,000 each Saturday that he danced. Although ashamed of what he was doing he found a way to hide it from others and himself. He wore a mask and became known as The Lone Rancher. Every week he heads to Dallas with the pretense of visiting friends and every Saturday after his show is over he finds it hard to look in the mirror. His difficulty is not just the lie about where he goes but the fact that he is gay. He lives in an area that is not so accepting of gays even though they are allowed to marry.

Aubrey hides what he does and who he is. He has to ward off his mother’s constant attempts to get him married and he has to hide who he is from his childhood friend Garrett Lamston. He has always been attracted to Garrett but he showed no signs of being gay until he showed up at the club one weekend. Garrett has no idea that Aubrey is a stripper and when he loses his ride home he spends the night in Aubrey’s hotel room. That was the night they both confessed they were gay. Unfortunately, Garrett’s father is a deacon and his mother is a holier than thou Christian and coming out to them just is not in the cards.

Two strong men who are so afraid of coming out for fear of losing their family and their friends. Aubrey is also worried that people will stop doing business with him. The story takes place in 2015 so you would think that their worries were over, but they are not. There are still those who hate gays, still parents willing to disown their own children because of their sexual preference. I know that the gays have come a long way but unfortunately they still have a long ways to go because there will always be haters.

Aubrey and Garrett want a life together but it doesn’t seem to be going to happen any time soon. Garrett also has no way of knowing about what Aubrey does when he is in Dallas. If he found out that Aubrey kept that from him would it be the end for them? Are they willing to throw caution to the wind and admit they are gay and plan a life with each other?

Mr. Grey always writes stories of gay men who fight to be who they are and are usually successful but is this one of them, read it and find out.