Lord of Ravens Book Cover Lord of Ravens
Inheritance Book 3
Amelia Faulkner
M/M Paranormal Romance
LoveLight Press
January 5, 2017

Charlayne Elizabeth Denney

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Laurence Riley, florist, son, lover, and son of Herne the Hunter, is learning how to use his talents but how much he knows is miniscule. He’s in love with the rich Quentin d’Arcy, whose mysterious past is causing him trouble and concerning Laurence.

A magical being comes with a message to Quentin: show up at home back in England, or else. Laurence gets a look at it, and he knows he’s going to have to fight for Quentin, not just for his love, but for his life as well. He goes in search of a tutor to teach him the magic he will need as Quentin gets ready to try to find a way to keep his father from pulling him home.

Lord of Ravens is a great third book in a series that started with Jack of Thorns and Knight of Flames. While each book sort of stands on its own, I highly recommend reading them in order because there are things revealed very cleverly in each book that leads the reader into the deep, dark world Amelia Faulkner has carefully crafted.

In Lord of Ravens, she brings in even more detail of the life that Quentin is hiding from. His father is a peer of the realm, but he’s also much, much more. How he will track Quentin down is very evil all on its own. Laurence gets a look at just how evil, and he is dedicated to stopping the man before he hurts Quentin yet again. Laurence and Quentin are beginning to fall in love, to explore each other and that is very wonderfully handled.

There are some issues with Quentin and his father that are very hard to read. I read that part and honestly had to take a break from the book to let my emotions calm down. This part could be triggering for abuse, so be aware. It was handled very well but very openly. Laurence’s reaction was extremely well written.

I love this series. I am waiting for book 4. I have to know what happens.


**2017 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner**