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Jane Barnaby Adventures
JJ DiBenedetto
Writing Dreams
July 26, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Jane Barnaby is in New York for a year until she returns to Oxford. It has been two months since she and Mark Bainbridge stopped speaking and why she got angry with him is unknown.

Jane’s college friend Tishy is engaged to a Scottish nobleman named Peter and it seems that the engagement and the upcoming marriage is all happening very quickly

When Jane meets Peter she is very turned off by his behavior and by the way he seems to dictate all of Tishy’s actions. Tishy is definitely not the woman she usually is and so of course Jane can’t keep her nose out of Tishy’s business. When Tishy seems to disappear without a word supposedly returning to England to visit her sick grandfather Jane is very upset when she can’t get through to her. Not one to let things just lie she is ready to go to England and find her friend.

Mark had business in New York and that brought Jane and him back together and he finally found out why she was angry at him. It is Mark she goes to to accompany her to England in search of their friend and off she goes dragging Mark along for a new adventure one that knowing Jane is bound to be dangerous.

Peter is not who he claimed to be and Jane is convinced that Tishy is in danger but when she finds her she is shocked when Tishy screams at her and Mark accusing them of being jealous of her relationship. Tishy is definitely not her usually self, in addition to the fact that she never visited her sick grandfather, a grandfather she has always been very close to. In spite of Tishy’s actions towards her and Mark she is still determined to get Tishy to accept the fact that her fiance is a con artist and thief.

It turns out that there is much more going on with Peter, something that involves priceless art that disappeared during WWII art stolen by the Nazis and taken back to England. Why the art was never turned over to the government is unknown but with Jane involved it is bound to become public knowledge. All the while they are being chased by art thieves, trying to find Tishy and Peter poor Mark is wondering how he got himself involved with a crazy woman, the answer is simple he loves her.

Jane is wonderful character that always manages to make you smile. Poor Mark is the man who is in love with a woman he knows he can’t keep from going head on into trouble but he is a man in love. I loved the book but at times I did find it a little slow moving.