Lost Wages of Sin Book Cover Lost Wages of Sin
Sinners & Saints Book 1
Rosalie Stanton
Paranormal Romance
Dominic & Stanton
January 2, 2018

She’s been a bad, bad girl. And he’ll fight all of Hell to save her.

Ava, the Sin of Greed, swore over a millennium ago she’d never cry over a man. But after her first-ever boyfriend dumps her, she’s not only crying, she’s a dead woman walking.

The devil doesn’t take kindly to one of his Seven Deadly Sins canoodling with an angel.

Though she never spilled Hell’s secrets, she’s on Lucifer’s hit list. And since his punishments tend toward the apocalyptic, she plans to run as fast and as far as possible from everyone she loves—including her closest friend, Dante—before she meets her fate.

Dante knows every inch of Ava’s delectable skin…in the dreams that burn his body while sleeping the daylight sleep of a vampire. Once they were almost lovers, and that almost still haunts him to this day. As much as her defection with a Heaven-bound hurts, he can’t ignore the siren call of the inner GPS that always draws him to her side.

Though she tries to push him away, he’s not getting her face this fight alone. But as need and desire twist together into a fuse primed for the barest spark, Dante realizes he’ll have to make a heartbreaking deal to save the only woman he’ll ever love.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team 

Lucifer has been keeping a secret from Big “J”, a secret involving his Seven Deadly Sins.He also kept secret the fact that they have physical form, but the secret is revealed after Ava, the Sin of Greed fell in love with Sebastian, an Angel.

Ava believed that she and Sebastian were going to elope even though he knew that she was a Hell Demon but a “Dear Jane” letter changed everything for Ava. In the letter Sebastian said “I can’t be with a Sin”, something she never revealed to him and yet the secret is out and her life is all but over. At the advice of her brothers and sisters the other Sins she runs knowing full well that there is nowhere you can hide from Lucifer if he wants to find you. She is innocent but Lucifer’s secret is no more.

It is Dante a vampire who has been in love with Ava for centuries that comes to her rescue. Dante is willing to put his own life in danger to save the woman he loves, the woman he almost had and key word being almost. He is willing to do whatever he can to save the woman he loves even though he is consumed with jealousy over the fact that an Angel was her first and not him.

The only hope Ava has is for Sebastian to appear in front of Lucifer and confess to the fact that she never revealed the existence of the Sins but there are other beings looking to profit from Ava’s supposed reveal of the Sins, Lilith, Lucifer’s ex-wife and the Binsfeld Boys, demons who are anxious to take the Sins jobs. Lilith promises to save Ana but she knows full well that Lilith is the last person in the world she can trust.

For centuries Ava has had deep feelings for Dante, feelings she refused to acknowledge either to him or to herself. She could never imagine him wanting anything but a one night stand from her since that was his history with women and she needed and wanted more. It wasn’t until Dante finally said the three little words that would rock her world “I love you”. She finally gives into her feelings and gives herself to him but she finds it hard to say the three little words she knows he longs for.

What an interesting take on Heaven and Hell, a Lucifer with a sense of humor and a friendship between Jehovah and Lucifer that spans centuries, although there definitely was a falling out between them. Dante an amazing vampire I couldn’t help but fall in love with and Lucifer who came out not looking so bad lol.

There are Seven Deadly Sins and this was one of them so I am sure there are more to come.