Love Means... Courage Book Cover Love Means... Courage
Love Means - Book 2
Andrew Grey
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
October 12, 2009

Review by Lisa Lambson

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guilds Review Team

Len Parker’s attraction for Cliff began with a crush in high school, a crush he shared with his best friend, Ruby. After a stolen kiss from Cliff at a party, a shocked Len spends the next few years trying to come to terms with his sexuality. As an adult, he is invited to Cliff’s wedding to Ruby. Although Len’s feelings for Cliff haven’t changed, he is happy for his best friend and assumes the kiss with Cliff was just a curiosity thing when they were young.

After a couple of years of Len floundering through jobs he didn’t love, circumstances threw him back into Cliff’s life. Cliff, recently widowed, and his son, Geoff, are struggling to maintain the large farm they run while getting through the loss of Ruby and his father in a car accident. Things are not going well at the farm, and Cliff needs help. When Janelle, Cliff’s sister, learns that Len is unemployed, she suggests he should work for Cliff. She hopes to further her relationship with Len and help her brother recover.  While Len works hard to help Cliff recover his farm, their relationship begins to develop again. Eventually, they take it to the next level and fall in love, but not everyone is happy about their relationship.

Closed-minded people from the town they live in, including Cliff’s own sister, are not quite as accepting as some people are.  Janelle, especially, has a serious problem with the relationship due to the hopes she had for a relationship with Len herself and her own religious beliefs.  Her anger over the situation puts their relationship, the farm and Cliff’s son, who loves Len, into a very scary, uncomfortable place. The question is can Cliff and Len stand their ground and fight for their relationship?

Andrew Grey, as always, shows that love is love no matter what or who the love is for, and it is more important than anything else.  His strong characters show the world it is perfectly fine just being who you are, in fact it is right. With his gentle storytelling, we follow along with a romance that can bring tears to your eyes. It is the kind of love everyone dreams of having with someone some day, but few are lucky to achieve.

This sweet prequel to the Love Means series is another hit for Andrew Grey.  He continues to show the true meaning of love in his storytelling and makes it clear romance is for everybody, not just the so called normal, traditional couples. In addition, Mr. Grey makes it very clear that he can combine that love and romance with some steamy lovemaking scenes that add so much fun to the story.

I can’t wait to get started on the next book in this series and all the future ones and would strongly recommend this book to anyone that believes in the power of love and romance. It is a great way to curl up for a nice winter afternoon and give a boost to your heart and your life. You can’t read this story and not be touched and motivated to love more yourself.