Love Means...Freedom Book Cover Love Means...Freedom
Love Means - Book 4
Andrew Grey
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
July 4, 2010

Review by Lisa Lambson

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guilds Review Team

Things are going pretty badly for Stone Hillyard when he stumbles up to the front door of the farm. Since he had been kicked out of his father’s house, he has found little work and has been trying to head south for warmer weather. Luckily, he has found his way to the perfect place for him. Geoff and Eli’s farm can use his farm experience, and they don’t care if he is gay or otherwise, unlike his father. When he is offered a job and place to stay at the farm, it seems like his luck might be changing.

Unfortunately, Preston is not feeling very lucky at all when he starts taking riding therapy at the farm. In fact, he is rather bleak after his boyfriend dumped him and he is still not walking after his accident. His life is very frustrating now and it shows when he takes it out on Stone when they first meet. After a rough start, Stone opens Preston’s eyes to the kind of person he is when Preston’s father was being less than kind to his son about him being gay.

Both Preston and Stone have some serious baggage going in, but the more time they spend together, the more their feelings for each other grow. As they help each other through the hard situations they are going through in their lives, they realize that together they can do anything and they have the freedom to do and be who they choose to be.

It is amazing that Andrew Grey can continue to tell new stories in such a comfortable way. He makes you feel like you are right there at the farm with them and reminds us that there is still good in the world. We just have to keep looking for it and open our eyes and hearts to it. Although, it does make me wish for my own farm to go to when the going gets tough. We could all use a place to hide away from the real world and the stories about the farm do exactly that.

No matter which book in this series you are reading, Grey stays true to the characters and the integrity of the farm and the whole background to all these wonderful characters he is introducing to us. On top of that, he makes them sexy and so fun, which is always a hot combination.

I would highly recommend this book to any romance lover, in fact the whole series is wonderful. When you can open any book in the series and feel like you are coming back to a home you know and love, you know you are reading some amazing writing. Andrew Grey once again, brings us all back to the farm and a sweet version of home.