Love Means... No Boundaries Book Cover Love Means... No Boundaries
Love Means - Book 3
Andrew Grey
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
February 11, 2010

Review by Lisa Lambson

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guilds Review Team

Joey first laid eyes on Robbie when he picked him up to take him back to the farm.  Joey had been at the farm for awhile and the scars from his motorcycle accident were fading, but still quite noticeable, and people did notice. Robbie didn’t. Robbie was staying at the farm for the first time while he was in town playing violin on tour.  Geoff and Eli were happy to have him there with all of them and Joey was delegated to helping Robbie find his way around the farm. Robbie had been blind since he was a child, and he needed to learn the layout of things.

For two weeks, while Robbie was in town, Joey spent a lot of time taking him to his rehearsals and performances and doing things together on the farm.  Robbie very quickly learned to love life on the farm, away from his over protective family and servants. Joey taught him things that he thought he would never do like gardening and riding horses. They also fell in love.

Their two weeks together was over quickly, and their time done. Robbie went home to his wealthy family, and Joey continued the hard work he loved on the farm with people who understood and accepted him for who he was, scars and all. After some time, Joey decided to go visit Robbie. He not only realized again how much he wanted Robbie to come back to the farm with him, but also how sheltered Robbie was at home with his family.

Mr. Grey, once again proves that anything can happen. While it seemed quite a long shot for these two very different people to come together and be able to work things out, he shows it can be done if it is meant to be.  His stories are filled with gentle stories about life on a working farm and all the simple joys that life can bring.

This series is completely engaging and Andrew Grey does an amazing job of weaving all the characters together in ways that show how they have all come to be together and created their own little family working together every day on the farm. He includes a great back storyline showing all the good things they do with their farm and how nice it can be when people actually work together towards common goals.

I am anxiously waiting beginning the next story on the farm with Len and Geoff, Eli and Joey and Robbie and whoever else comes along. It is nice to read the books as a series but the great thing about these books is that you can pick them up in really any order and still get just as much out of them as if you read them in the order they were written.  It doesn’t even matter because they are just that good.