Love Means... No Fear Book Cover Love Means... No Fear
Love Means - Book 5
Andrew Grey
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
December 27, 2010

Review by Lisa Lambson

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guilds Review Team

Raine, a friend of Geoff and Eli from the previous story, is single but loves his job at his predominately-gay office. He is happy with his life. That is, until the night of the Gay Pride parade, when he is attacked and beaten on his way home by a group of strangers just because he is gay.  After waking up in the hospital and speaking to the police, Raine goes back to the farm with Geoff while he is healing, and police are searching for the men that beat him.

While recuperating on the farm, Eli’s younger brother, Jonah, shows up from the Amish community for his one-year exploration outside of their community. Jonah is aware Eli has left the Amish community,  but does not know Eli is gay. The community would shun the entire family if they knew, so he has not told anyone, but when Jonah shows up to stay, he finds out Eli and Geoff are a couple. He is not completely understanding at first, but Eli explains himself to his younger brother. Jonah can see the love that they share.

Investigating the attack on Raine leads the police officer to a whole other situation. It appears there has been some embezzling going on, and it takes some time to catch the suspect and figure out if the two are connected or not. Meanwhile, the police feel Raine needs continued protection, so he remains at the farm and gets more than the protection he needs.  He falls in love with Jonah. Raine and Jonah have some decisions to make when it comes time for the two to get back to their own lives.

Andrew Grey shows us yet again how love can be enough if you just put your fears aside. He is a master at showing the true strength of his characters and makes you want to believe that real people can have that same strength. His stories are very easy to believe and they flow nicely through the characters’ lives.

Book 5 in the Love Means series is another story not to miss.  Andrew Grey makes it very easy to relate to his characters and their fears. He truly shows the normal, everyday fears that everyone has in life and in relationships and how they can be overcome. It is inspirational and motivational every time you read his works.

I am so thrilled to be reading this series and would recommend it to any fan of romance. Although, the books could be read as stand-alone books, it is also fun to return to some of my favorite characters from the series and Grey does a great job of bringing them forward and showing how they are still part of the story.