Love & Omens Book Cover Love & Omens
Crescent City Ghost Tours Book 2
Carrie Pulkinen
Paranormal Romance/Psychics
November 11, 2019

She sees the future.
He reads the past.
The present could kill them both.

Knowing how things will end before they even begin is a curse New Orleans tour guide Sydney Park has endured since she was a child. Her premonitions make surprises few and far between, and dating…

What's the point?

Reading the past in objects has caused more trouble for Blake Beaumont than he cares to admit. Opening the Museum of the Macabre is his last attempt at using his ability and his college degree to make a living.

But the artifacts he's acquired have haunting attachments that could put everyone's lives in danger.

When Blake joins forces with Sydney's tour company, he jumps at the chance to rekindle his relationship with her. She can’t help but fall for him all over again, until an ominous vision of a closed-casket funeral stops her cold.

Someone she loves is going to die.

If Sydney and Blake can't unravel the mystery, their haunted pasts will eclipse any chance of a future.

If you like strong heroines and haunting mystery, you'll love this spellbinding tale of romance in the Big Easy.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Another Crescent City Ghost Tours adventure and like book one it was everything I could want in a paranormal romance. In book one, we got Emily and Sean’s story now it is Sydney and Blake’s turn. As you know if you read the first book Sean owns Crescent City Ghost Tours and Sydney has worked for him since the day it first opened but big changes are coming to both Crescent City Ghost Tours and to Sydney’s life.

Sean and Emily are about to have their first child and Sean has decided to take on a partner and a new line of tours. The new tours will focus on true crimes and it will end at their Museum of the Macabre which will house artifacts from the actual killers and victims. As if that news was not surprising enough it turns out that the new partner is none other than a man from Sydney’s past, a man she thought was the “one” and a man she broke up with in a text message. Sydney has the ability to see the future and what she saw caused her to end her relationship with a man she never got over. Unfortunately sometimes there is more to what you see than meets the eye and that was the case with Syd and Blake.

Blake and Sydney tried to put their feelings for each other behind a wall in their hearts but seeing each other again just knocked that wall right down. When he finally explains the reason for his not being there for her on one of the most important nights of her life she realized how wrong she was and how much she missed him. She broke his heart and he never did anything to deserve it.

Now there is nothing standing in their way of being together except for the fact that one of her visions shows him dead and her the cause of it. Another vision shows her dead so it would seem that their future will not be a long one. Of course, there is a lot more to this story than I have stated, there is the reason he was fired from his job in New York and how it was the catalyst for his return to New Orleans. There is the story behind his relationship with his cousin’s step-daughter and why she is in New Orleans and a haunting.

Blake also has a special ability he can touch an item and read the energy from it but it seems between his ability and Sydney’s they can’t come up with a solution to why she sees them both dead and if it is caused by a spirit or a living being. A mystery that has to be solved, romance, secrets and surprises and not one boring moment in the entire book.