Lure of Obsession Book Cover Lure of Obsession
The Muse Chronicles
Lisa Kessler
Romantic Fantasy
Lisa's Lair
August 1, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Every generation nine daughters of Zeus are reborn meant to inspire man in the sciences and arts. At the same time nine Guardians are born, one for each muse.The nine muses are now located in California and this book covers the story of Melanie Jacoby the Muse of Tragic Poetry. She works at Crystal City High School as a teacher of poetry and classic literature and she and the other eight muses are in the process of refurbishing an old theater, a theater that will be a recreation of the Theater of the Muses in Paris and could change the world.

Everything in Mel’s life changes when she arrives home to find her roommate Nia lying dead at the bottom of the steps. Nia is the Muse of Astronomy and is never in the dark, the fact that the entire house and porch are dark leaves Mel to believe she was murdered. When the police arrive it is Detective Nate Malone that speaks to her and there is an instant connection between the two. Everyone including the coroner believe this was an accidental death but suddenly Nate has a vision of a man in a robe and a gold mask pushing Nia down the steps.

She is the first muse to be crossed off the Order of the Titans target list.

The Order is determined to stop the muses and release Kronos from the Center of the Earth bringing about the Golden Age of Man. The theater cannot be allowed to open and the next muse on the list is Mel. In spite of the fact that no one believes Nia’s death was murder Nate begins to believe Mel and he also feels an overpowering desire to protect her. It seems that when a Guardian meets his muse his abilities are unlocked and they will have a mark. In Nate”s case his birthmark suddenly swells and throbs. He is about to be thrown into a situation he could never have imagined.

Nate grew up with an abusive father and he has never allowed himself to get close to anyone but as hard as he tries he can’t stay away from Mel. He is her Guardian and he has to accept that his life is now totally different. Nate tries very hard to keep Mel at a distance while trying to protect her at the same time but it becomes harder and harder to do so. He knows that someone is after her and there have been attempts on her life. Once before he promised to protect a woman from her abusive husband only to have her die at his hands leaving their daughter laying in her mother’s blood. Now he worries if he can protect Mel.

There are some very heartwarming moments in this book and the relationship between Nate and Mel is wonderful. This is my favorite kind of series, a series where there are two main characters, no cliffhanger and although there is no doubt that the back story about the Order will follow each book I can’t wait to see which muse is next. I tend to be hesitant about series since so often they have little or no ending and the next book in the series could be a year away but that is not the case with this series it is a series that just makes we anxious for more.